Monday, June 29, 2009

Ahad. meat-ing. UPM.

i am already in the ofc., and it is 7.20am. Ajak called in - mcm biasak - he wants me to punch in for him since he's gonna be late - for a reason. heh - there'll always be a reason. one to another. not dat i wanna complain - tp kalo kerap sgt.. bosan la jugak. hehe.. i gotta find coupla files to bring along wit me - there'll be a meeting in Taiping Nursing College at 9, dis mornin. i dun think i am gonna be there, all alone.. there'll be a few seniors, too. and i'll tag along - as usual. a 'meat-ing', in nursing college.. yayy! nah - dats a wrong response. i hate havin meeting wit gals/women/perempuan.. for so many reasons. every single petty thgs nak kena bincang. and there'll be a lot of negativism, too. heh. i am sorry. but - betol pe? but if its 'meat-ing', then dat'll be somethg else. haha

i had a simple yet a nice Sunday, yesterday. the talk went so smooth, so nice dat most of the participant - as expected - r makciks pakciks.. they r havin dis gathering or 'khidmat masyarakat' held by one of the Klinik Kesihatan around in one of the dewan orangramai for pameran, ceramah, games, peraduan memasak and such. it was one hell fun time!! i took my sweet 2hrs for the whole talk (actually - sepatutnya 1jam 15minit je!!).. for the Q&A session - wah! makcik pakcik ni byk la jugak soal jawab nyer.. ranging from a simple question like 'makcik ada kencing manis.. tp makcik teringin sgt nak makan durian - mcmaneh?' kinda thg up to all those hi-fi thang. aku jwb simple2 je.. they need somethg yg convincing, yet simple - up to their ground of understanding. i need not to supply em all wit all dis literature review watever not, jst as simple as it is. and after dat - all dis misi2 mintak tlg aku handle sort of 'Sudut Khidmat Nasihat' dorang since tak cukup staff.. again - on BMI, diet and such.. dammit - i miss all dis kinda thang, really. and i really had a blast of time.

spend time at the gym around 3pm.. until Azman came in and pick up for futsal. aiyooo.. mati2 aku tak mo since dah dkt 6mths aku din play any! but he was like so desperately lookin for sorang lagi player - and he was like 'aku tak tau lagik nak ajak saper..' kinda thang. word!! so aku pi lar.. and as expected - pancit!! balik je rumah - aku rasa mcm nka pitam giler nye penat..

dinning out last nite - as some shopping brg2 dapor in Tesco. Deli Chick Wings, mushroom soup, garlic bread in Pizza. heh - mok mok i know - but its a reward, again. shut up, wat an excuse, i know! haha


i received dis msg from a pal - met him once a very long time ago - he'll up to the surface each time i am in deep shait. and he'll marah-marah aku for aku selalu tenggelam timbul - tak reti2 nak contact him and such. the first msg aku received from him was sort of 'life is simple if u choose it to be..' and since i was driving - i came up wit the standard answer 'indeed'. but then the phone screamed again; a msg came in again - dis time around it sounds a lil bit different.. it was like ' u know wat to do in ur own life, then jst stop fcukin whimperin and procrastinatin about the whole thg..' kinda thang like dat. i was like - wow!! telan air liur la kejap. it hurts for a while - but along the way since i was drivin - aku cld see the truth in it; the concern in it hell yeah. kinda funny it was.. but - hell, nobdy ever screamed shait like dat to me!! haha.. thanks, anyway!!


gotta leave for UPM early tonite, wit Hafiz. i aint drivin. and so do he. and then we decided to travel fast by train at 1am tonite, reach KL by 6am - terus ke UPM to settle thgs. ada hal tak settle2 we need to settle em all - once for all. malas sgt. heh!

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