Friday, June 26, 2009

24/6, CyberJaya.

from left - Waffy, Art and Zul.

Jas must've been altered dis pic. hahaha
naper aku pendek sgt? heh.

from left - Zul, Art, aku, Waffy, Apiz.

from left - Apiz, again - Waffy, Jas, and u
know the rest. bley?

sidang meja bulat.

bulat jugak.

dis was coupla days back. while i was in Concorde Inn KLIA/Sepang. i wanted to upload dis as soon as i can - but i din get the chance to. but then - i gez it aint dat too late, aye?

i was there - mcm kucing mati anak - for i got nthg much to do, for sure. and thank God - dis bunch of guys took all shait of driving all the way from KL there to the tempat jin berzapin, pick me up, had dinner, supper and such. i had a great, fcuktastik time hell yeah.. lupa jap yg aku was about to hav another feverish. we had dis Arabic dishes in Jazeera Restorant or somethg (btol kan?) where the meals r superb - except for my roti yg kering dan liat sgt!! nyesal tak order nasik je.. heh. and except for dat Arab guy yg kutok nama aku like.. 'Shah wat? Shah Alam?' and gelak mcm tenuk kena geletek. gampang. and later - we had coffee and such in Old Town in CyberJaya too.

it was a hell good time. for the first time - i met up dis bunch of guys from FB - yg selama ni dok main kutuk2 thru FB sajer.. they made me laugh my shyte out, really.

Art, Wafi, Jas, Apiz and Zul - thanks!

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artisticklytouch said...

ahhhhh...sorry!!! baru baca...

seketul muka aku yang tak bulat berbanding orang lain hahahahaha

it was a pleasure to have you here..nanti lepak lagi yer..