Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Used to be different. Used to be in the bus wit mixed feeling each time its leavin. Used to hav s'one standin by till the bus moves and aku cant see a thang anymore. But tnite, it aint the same. I feel numb. Aku kept on throwin a look or two out of bus, as if i am wishin 4 smthg. Yet nbdy there. Nthg out there. I am missin sthg sbdy alrite. How i wish thgs r like the way it use to be, before.. Gnite, ppl. Hav a gr8 sleepin..


Kat UPM still. Tak settle2 jgk. Mcm bola kena sipak sana sini. Apiz dah mula muka dr itam gelap, dah jdi mcm udang kena bakar. Aku pun dok thn geram je neh.. Aku ni dgn tumit dah mula b'denyut, mata ngantok. Benci la. But then, aku happy sgt ari neh. For a few reason. Aku tired, tp managed to smile away. I am glad, really. Its like i aint alone in dis whole wide world..

seri kembangan

Early still. Lepak2 jap kdai mamak, its a place aku knew by heart. The environment, the whole thang indeed. Not many ppl, yet the traffic is building up. Its hurt to be bck in ere. A part of hate it well, but anther part of me - it makes me smiling for theres so many good thg surrounds me in ere.. I rmbr every each of it, in details. I rmbr the whole moment by heart. I gez theres nthg wrong to keep it fresh and sweet, there where it is in ur mind, rite? For in 6mths to come, i wont be coming around in ere, any longer..


For the first time after all dis while, coming to UPM is not the same like it used to be. Aku feel so akward. I knw how it is, wat it is; yet still its so damn different. Still damn way too early, and i knw i am havin a long way to go.. I wish theres no changes around me dat drastically left me t'pingga wit the whole shyte.. I jst cant help myslf missing the whole thgs, yeah. G'morn., guys!

Monday, June 29, 2009


For the first time after coupla days, i am take day-off from gym and jog. Today - no such thang. Aku penat sgt. Mentally fatigue. Smpai dr Taiping arnd 2.15pm, aku kena attend lagi satu meeting regarding MHP budak2 junior yg nak lapor diri dis 1st July. Argkh! And no such of my own keje yg settle ari neh. Nothg. Aku hardly stayed more than 5mins pun kat bilik aku. Shait. Aku nak mandi. Lepak2. Early dinner and pack for the trip tnite. Malas sgt, tp aku hav to.. *sigh*

Taiping, as it is..

Done wit the meeting. Its Chendol Bismillah time, wit laksa Taiping. Wow. Meh, mkn!


Hate dis, but i hav to kinda like it. Heading to Tpg Nursing College for a meeting aka meat-ing. I am hungry, damn starving. I hope Mr Zul will stop s'where for makan2 dulu. Kalo tak, pengsan!

Ahad. meat-ing. UPM.

i am already in the ofc., and it is 7.20am. Ajak called in - mcm biasak - he wants me to punch in for him since he's gonna be late - for a reason. heh - there'll always be a reason. one to another. not dat i wanna complain - tp kalo kerap sgt.. bosan la jugak. hehe.. i gotta find coupla files to bring along wit me - there'll be a meeting in Taiping Nursing College at 9, dis mornin. i dun think i am gonna be there, all alone.. there'll be a few seniors, too. and i'll tag along - as usual. a 'meat-ing', in nursing college.. yayy! nah - dats a wrong response. i hate havin meeting wit gals/women/perempuan.. for so many reasons. every single petty thgs nak kena bincang. and there'll be a lot of negativism, too. heh. i am sorry. but - betol pe? but if its 'meat-ing', then dat'll be somethg else. haha

i had a simple yet a nice Sunday, yesterday. the talk went so smooth, so nice dat most of the participant - as expected - r makciks pakciks.. they r havin dis gathering or 'khidmat masyarakat' held by one of the Klinik Kesihatan around in one of the dewan orangramai for pameran, ceramah, games, peraduan memasak and such. it was one hell fun time!! i took my sweet 2hrs for the whole talk (actually - sepatutnya 1jam 15minit je!!).. for the Q&A session - wah! makcik pakcik ni byk la jugak soal jawab nyer.. ranging from a simple question like 'makcik ada kencing manis.. tp makcik teringin sgt nak makan durian - mcmaneh?' kinda thg up to all those hi-fi thang. aku jwb simple2 je.. they need somethg yg convincing, yet simple - up to their ground of understanding. i need not to supply em all wit all dis literature review watever not, jst as simple as it is. and after dat - all dis misi2 mintak tlg aku handle sort of 'Sudut Khidmat Nasihat' dorang since tak cukup staff.. again - on BMI, diet and such.. dammit - i miss all dis kinda thang, really. and i really had a blast of time.

spend time at the gym around 3pm.. until Azman came in and pick up for futsal. aiyooo.. mati2 aku tak mo since dah dkt 6mths aku din play any! but he was like so desperately lookin for sorang lagi player - and he was like 'aku tak tau lagik nak ajak saper..' kinda thang. word!! so aku pi lar.. and as expected - pancit!! balik je rumah - aku rasa mcm nka pitam giler nye penat..

dinning out last nite - as some shopping brg2 dapor in Tesco. Deli Chick Wings, mushroom soup, garlic bread in Pizza. heh - mok mok i know - but its a reward, again. shut up, wat an excuse, i know! haha


i received dis msg from a pal - met him once a very long time ago - he'll up to the surface each time i am in deep shait. and he'll marah-marah aku for aku selalu tenggelam timbul - tak reti2 nak contact him and such. the first msg aku received from him was sort of 'life is simple if u choose it to be..' and since i was driving - i came up wit the standard answer 'indeed'. but then the phone screamed again; a msg came in again - dis time around it sounds a lil bit different.. it was like '..so u know wat to do in ur own life, then jst stop fcukin whimperin and procrastinatin about the whole thg..' kinda thang like dat. i was like - wow!! telan air liur la kejap. it hurts for a while - but along the way since i was drivin - aku cld see the truth in it; the concern in it hell yeah. kinda funny it was.. but - hell, nobdy ever screamed shait like dat to me!! haha.. thanks, anyway!!


gotta leave for UPM early tonite, wit Hafiz. i aint drivin. and so do he. and then we decided to travel fast by train at 1am tonite, reach KL by 6am - terus ke UPM to settle thgs. ada hal tak settle2 we need to settle em all - once for all. malas sgt. heh!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


woke up at 6am, did my Subuh and only then aku remember there's a khidmat masyarakat somewhere around Ipoh i hav to attend today - and shld be givin a talk - somethg on healthy diet, if i am not mistaken. masyaAllah. nasib la aku ingat. went thru my organizer - i was rite.. there is! at 11am. regarding healthy diet - for the elderly. haruslah the audien nyer nanti pun makcik makcik pakcik pakcik.. heh. alhamdulillah - kalo aku luper.. mampos!

by 8am - the slides and materials done. tak susah. talk for the lay-man/community, i shld be down to the ground for their better understanding. need no all the jargons. watpe? i shall keep it as simple as it is - dats the main point.

i love doin dis. around wit the public. i used to work wit the public.. and i know how it feels. there was a time on my first posting - i was there kat kampung ulu sesgt.. but i managed to stay there for the whole 4yrs, submit borang tukar coupla times; org kampung, ketua kg and such buat surat ke JKN mintak cancel pertukaran aku. tp sekali je la.. lps tu - aku jumpak bos aku - watever it is, aku kena pindah jugak; for own future. kelakar.. but then - i do believe if u love ppl around u, definitely u'd be loved as well.

done wit dis - i'll be back home for sure. lunch out, MuMu a bit, gym again and i am goin out for beli barang2 dapur.. since sumer dah surut. i gez dats for the whole Sunday, today eh?

me, at one of the talk.. which one, aku tak ingat.

ari ni pakai batik je lar.. koser aku berblazer2.

muka pilu tatkala berucap.
bley? heh.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


i did somethg yg dah lama aku tak buat.. went thru em all well enuff, dat it makes me feel like theres a big butterflies flyin in my tummy. it brings me back to the time - when the whole wide world as if belong to no one but me. sent out a msg - tho i know i need not hav to wait for a reply. there'll be one, if there'll be one. otherwise - i shld stop hoping for one.

i miss it dearly. i miss every single thang about the whole thang.. i miss it so damn much dat sometimes - it hurts me alrite. its an old same, old lame kinda story.. i know. but i need to go thru dis - and dis aint gonna be easy. its been a while, and i cant jst like lettin go within a sec.

i jst need some strenght.


sunconscious mind.

i wanna share wit wat i've read today. think i am tryin to wiser today - and i gez i am. spent time at the gym, came back for lite dinner and did some readin while at the same time - i got my eyes on MTV MJ's all nite, again. owh - hold on. i did say i wanna share somethg on wat i've read today, rite? jst a bit of it..

"we are wat we are becoz we are wat we are; and we are wat we are becoz of the character of our accumulated consciousness, our mode of thinking.. ur a success or a failure very largely becoz of the character of yr tots.
if u think in terms of mediocrity, or constant fear, ur inevitably the victim of those negative tots. u cannot succeed.
if u think in terms of self-confidence, of determination, if u hav a wide vision, if u hav great interests, dat is the law. sooner or later we objectify in external manifestation dat which we store up within.."

i had a lot more to share. read dis book before. like twice. and i am doin it, again. i am not sure why - but i gez to find somethg in it. i gez when u said dat u knew urself very well, well i think - u surely not. theres so much more left in us - yet to be seen. yet to be understand. i myself sometimes dun really understand of my own self.. weird, alrite.

but wldnt dat makes u a human? heh.

life is..

i've been thinkin about dis - for ages. i wish i cld hav someone to explain it well to me. when we try to understand life, wit all its ramifications - it turns out to be darn so complex and baffling dat one's head begins to spin if we try to sort everythg out. i believe - theres so many thgs we do not know.. so many we fail to understand, so many dat seem to be unjust, or the result of mere chances. heh. dammit i aint sure of wat runnin about in my head now.

we know most of the thg well in life. we think we knew how the world goes around darn pretty well. we always think dat there is plenty of trouble and misery in the world around us now. in ourselves, too. but then - we tend to forget there is also plenty of good, indeed. and the fact is so obvious enuff. wat many of us not realise, however, is dat we r a living magnet - and we hav the power to attract towards almost watever we desire. hav u ever think about dat?

i remember readin somewhere regardin dis - somethg about 'Law of Attraction'. nah - it aint about how u can attract some kinda chics and bring em home. or tryin to get some nice chisel bod lad and get laid. far if i am not mistaken - Law of Attraction is dat "like attracts life" kinda thang. man like human magnet - draws to himself in likeness to his internal mental and emotional impressions - irrespective of sama ada they can be good or evil, constructiive or destructive.. it is true dat we can attract towards us all the good we want, the good we desire - only when we know how.. simple it sounds.

but then - i know it is true. dat it is equally true dat we can and do attract towards us much misery and unhappiness dat we do not desire - becoz we dun realise dat we r attracting it! heh. simple aye? now only we can see why it is so important to learn as much as we can about dis psychological law. nah - u dun hav to be damn hi-fi on it. its simple. even yr grandma knew it damn well.

i knw em well, i think. i do giv talks about dis too. advising ppl on it. etc etc.. but when it hits me alrite - i am hopeless. i dun know wat to do. i tend to be carried away and buried under all shyte.

gez wat - be it wat law it is, aye? its all in yr head.



late for Subuh - i am havin sort of aching all over the body. must be becoz of the gym semlm la kot.. its been a while since aku din hav any weight-lifting; eversince aku byk outstation neh.. and aku remember during the jog smlm - aku was actually mcm penat sgt - tp aku gigih jugak.. since aku dah stop jog lama - asyik treadmill sajork - aku rasa tak puas ati sgt.. target aku - before end of the yr; aku nak lose these love-handles, flatten down all the way dis tummy (w'pun tak ber-six pack pun, tak pe lah!), healthy BMI and gettin more fit for any occassion at all. erm - looks like its a long way to go.. but i've been there, so wat? heh. semangat tiber2.

was on idiotbox all nite - last nite. i was on MTV where they played all my all-time fav of MJ's before aku switched to Channel [v] for the same. kesian MJ - din get the chance to hav a proper childhood lead him into a chaotic adulthood. i gez dats wat life is - we hav to pay the price for a better one.

as for me - the whole week went well. but the other side of it - i am feelin kinda lonely. i mght put up smiling faces ere and there - deep down, God knows. not dat i 'choose to hurt myself' - i hav dignity. a pride to hold. jst dat - sometime in life; good thgs u stumbled into was not meant for u. was not supposed to be even urs.

tho u wish so damn hard for it, tho u prayin so damn hard on it.

i jst wish - life cld be more simple than it is.

Friday, June 26, 2009

wats the figure?

June 26th, 2009


weight - 66.5kg
BMI 23.5

much better now.. but -
long way to go!

24/6, CyberJaya.

from left - Waffy, Art and Zul.

Jas must've been altered dis pic. hahaha
naper aku pendek sgt? heh.

from left - Zul, Art, aku, Waffy, Apiz.

from left - Apiz, again - Waffy, Jas, and u
know the rest. bley?

sidang meja bulat.

bulat jugak.

dis was coupla days back. while i was in Concorde Inn KLIA/Sepang. i wanted to upload dis as soon as i can - but i din get the chance to. but then - i gez it aint dat too late, aye?

i was there - mcm kucing mati anak - for i got nthg much to do, for sure. and thank God - dis bunch of guys took all shait of driving all the way from KL there to the tempat jin berzapin, pick me up, had dinner, supper and such. i had a great, fcuktastik time hell yeah.. lupa jap yg aku was about to hav another feverish. we had dis Arabic dishes in Jazeera Restorant or somethg (btol kan?) where the meals r superb - except for my roti yg kering dan liat sgt!! nyesal tak order nasik je.. heh. and except for dat Arab guy yg kutok nama aku like.. 'Shah wat? Shah Alam?' and gelak mcm tenuk kena geletek. gampang. and later - we had coffee and such in Old Town in CyberJaya too.

it was a hell good time. for the first time - i met up dis bunch of guys from FB - yg selama ni dok main kutuk2 thru FB sajer.. they made me laugh my shyte out, really.

Art, Wafi, Jas, Apiz and Zul - thanks!


call me self-obsessed. yet dats alrite. but i like Obsessed by Mariah Carey even more. erm - wats the connection anyway? heh. i am posting my self-cam whore pics down in ere - recent - in PutraJaya/Sepang jst for the sake of it. better do dis for myself, rather posting someone's pics in ere eh? hehe..

dun worry - pokok tu tak tumbang pun.
i aint Badang. PowerPuff Gal lagik best. heh..

fry-day yehaaa!

had a great sleepin last nite. tho aku tersedar around 3am for kilat and thunderstorm yg kuat sesagt - ujan yg amat lebat, aku had a great MuMu's indeed. woke up at 5.30am - aku terus had my lite breakfast, a mug of Nescafe.. and leave the house at 6.30am. heh - awal sesgt plak pagi neh. kalah those yg stay kat KL. hehe

i am back to the office after spending most of the time outta ere. kinda refreshin to finally be in ere, hav my arse nicely seated, and i dun hav to rush around doin thgs alrite. tho i still hav quite a number of thgs to be done before stdnts be back on dis coming 1st July - but for today, aku decided to lay back and do.. erk - nothg la kot. kinda blur. i mean - yeah, dat wld be an idiot kinda excuse - tp frankly speakin, aku not really in the mood to do thgs, today. may be aku shld siapkan keje yg lite2 sajork. most of the colleagues r on leave still - furthermore - its Friday.. heh.

below r some pics aku amek during the stay in Concorde Inn KLIA. lama tak petik2 kamera aku.. so dats wat i've been doin. i aint pro., jst one silly boi doin some experimenting.

the above.

and the curve.

finger (me).



the young. and the old ones..

end of the road

white. it is, rite?

i dun know wat it is.

do i hav to put all the captions?

do u see wat i see?
(u better do)

yr head.


Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

as the world mourns the death of the MJ - it'll not only be the songs which we remember the King of Pop. MJ revolutionized the art pf the music video - far as i concern - using choreo, costume, dance, drama, celebs and of coz - his own persona to create s'thg visually spectacular to go wit his kinda music. God sake - i'll always remember MJ's vidoes. he died at the age of 50, last Thursday due to cardiac arrest.

Farrah Fawcett (February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009)

dis is her - the Charlie Angel's star, in her 1977's pic - Farrah Fawcett-Majors - known for her swimming suits acts and her beautiful hair. she died Thursday June 25 of cancer in LA, and she was 62.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

APC KKM 2008.

Cant wait to be done wit dis. I thk i am havin a bit of sinusitis now, berat sgt forehead aku neh. Furthermore aku dah mula muak dgn habit si Amed ni yg mmg sah2 jilat dubur bos. Getik aku. Aku tau bos knew about it, he kept on smile sinis2 each time Amed react, do thgs or even say words. Tp si Amed hamba Allah neh, tak fhm2 gamaknya.. Aku tegur la sekali dua wit his inappropriateness, tp lama2 aku naik meluat pun ada.. Amed ni layak kena seligi dgn Ajak je, bru dia sdr diri.. BiaQ pi la, mls aku amek pot. Buang karan aku je memikir. In the hall now. Wit batik, its not proper to put on jeket ke haper, kang nampak mcm org TR plak, eh? So pasrah je la. Time2 ni la aku wish aku cld be a bit 'tougher' mcm Ajak. Or mcm Shah. Heh, u knw wat i mean. Jgn marah, ya. Dis Majlis Anugerah Perkhdmatan Cemerlang 2008 Kementerian Kesihatan M'sia will attended by YB Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai, our Mentri Keshtan M'sia. And dats make the whole thang a bit slow, wit full of protocols.. *yawn* i hate protocols, God sake.. Aiyoo, sejuk + kenyang + duduk kusyen empok = to wat? Heh. *yawn*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Theres a lot of ppl around alrite - happy faces, words of congratulation r in the air, changing smiles and such. But i dun knw how to describe my feeling. Mak called me, and so forth abh. I aint hopin for any of em. But then again - theres a hole in between. Its ok. Dis is nthg. I am nthg. And dis is nthg to be much ado of. Yet then, it wld be great if i cld share it wit s'one, indeed. I cldnt help myself to feel darn lonely in the mid of the crowd. I knw dis is jst a feeling. A stupid feeling of mine..


Indeed. Time for breakfast. I normally dun take one. I hardly take one. But today, dis morn i hav to due to coupla reasons; a) aku kena mkn ubt, b) aku lapar sgt2.. Heh. Wonder how today gonna be like..


jst woke up. Amed's hp screaming at the top of its volume. mandi2, siap2 for breakfast. 7am shall be outta ere - dats wat Pengarah said. and the rehearsal started at 8.

damn lazy. i wish i cld stay under the duvet still.

and Transformers. heh.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LCCT; dinner.

dinner time. we went around for some better food outlets - dun ask me when and how - i aint belong in ere anyway. was thinking of goin to Bagan Lalang - one of the place i wanted to go all dis time; yet i din get the chance of doin so - but masing2 dun really know the where about. it jst dat 'rasa2 around in ere jgk kot' kinda thang. pusing2 - finally ended up kat LCCT nye food court. and it is Old Town White Coffee. kinda nice place - so so; yet packed wit ppls.

Tune Hotel. heh, tak jelas nampak.. since pakai kamera hp sajork.

yeah - read the above. i aint tellin a thang.

the cafe. pretty pack. and dat bro in blue tak abes2 dok pusing2 paler
tgk meja kitorang. heh - aku tak pakai baju ke?

the coffee, the cup. the saucer.
typical aye?

and its mee curry. so so too.. i shldve order somethg better
instead. it a bit too oily. biasa2 je.. i shldve ordered some
kinda sandwiches sajork.

dats for the day. nothg much - but pretty tiring. may be b'coz aku baru je baik demam.. or due too many thgs running around in my head, tonite. i dun wanna go into details. i jst need some peace of mind. and a good rest.

gnite, then.


aku - jst now. muka baru baik demam. slightly dehydrated
katernyer. muka kusam giler.. bosan weh, tak tau nak wat pe..
so online sajork..

Concorde Inn, KLIA

reached in ere around 5pm - 3omins tersasar from wat my GPS told me. heh. its Concorde Inn KLIA. God sake - i never been in ere, i never knew theres a Concorde in ere, too. it was like way out of place, jin bersepak terajang sesgt. but then - who am i to complain. they arranged all in inclusive the hotel too, for me to stay.. so be it. but then - to think it again - better off stayin in KL sajork mcm neh. sini ke Putrajaya pun dah tax some time. but then again - dis hotel came in wit a pool, gym and such.. erm - kinda nice too - for a place meant for a genie then.

i aint sure wat to do. dis place kinda remote, really. gez i jst hav to stay put in the room, watchin idiotbox, laughing out loud wit Amed when the thang is not even funny pun. heh. or may be i shld kill time in the gym. or in the pool. or perhaps - tido je lah!

the entrance. nothg much ado off.

lobby. simple yet clean.

i love dis ikan kap.. theres a few number of em - besar2.
geli pun ada aku tgk. besar semcm.

Concorde Hotels and Resorts.

and the room. simple, not dat spacious. mine is the one yg
ada lappy itew..

i am sharing room wit Amed. my second time, it is. think i hav to bear wit him for the whole 3d/2n. i am pretty meticulous, neat (indeed) kinda guy. i need thgs to be in its place. and i need my washroom to be dry as it is, except for the shower lah. but wit Amed - heh, sabar je lah. yet again - dat aint a big deal alrite.

ermm.. i hope it is not.

on my way..

Finally, after waited for about 2 hrs, the drive came and pick me up. Janji at 11am, then 12pm plak. Heh. But then, i am alrdy in Pajero now, heading off for Putrajaya.. I wonder wat i am gonna do there in Putrajaya since thgs nvr be same, like it use to be.. Theres so many thgs in my head now - a fren yg long gone suddenly come to a surface, thgs at work and i am missin s'one yet i aint sure if i am the only one who feel dis way..


i wanna talk about frenship today. about frens. the so-called a real fren; be there when ur up, be there still when ur down. the so-called frens too - want u to be there when they r down, fleet away when they r high; leavin u high n dry, high n low lookin for the meanin - of wat the heck is frenship really is, and wat the hell fren is for.

i aint good in dis. in fact - i aint sure if i am a good fren or not. but the thg is - aku treasure frenship. and aku love my frens for watever reason they r. and for wat ever they, for watever they do. but the thg is - aku selalu je 'terkena' wit dis so-called frenship thingy. when they need u, they'll be around. but when they r high, happy, got wat they need and wat they want - off they go w/o any trace. left u all alone - wonderin wat left behind. and suddenly they r standin infrnt of yr step, tellin tales. or the worst part is - they started blamin u yrself for every shyte goin on. and how is dat? God Lord, i hate when it happens. and it still happenin to me - tho i've learnt a lesson or two; darn well. and most of the time - aku jst mengaku kalo aku ada buat salah silap - for aku fikir dats the way it shld be. even if aku tak salah pe2 pun..

for whom dis may concern - u din do anythg wrong. tho times flew like shyte - ur still my fellow fren. we mght not be as close as we r before - but then, ur still my fren. cuma satu aku mintak - do learn a lesson well. w/pun ko dah kawen ke, dah ada bf ke, dah ada gf ke, aper sekali pun - dun ever turn yr butt to yr own frens, for u never know wat ur mght havin in future.. for life is so uncertain - u mght thk u'll hav watevernot ur havin now, but when ur stumble on yr face - then only u'll its too late for anythg at all.

i got no regret. i wont talk about dis anymore. ur still my fren. and i love u for wat ur, for who ur. let bygone be bygone.. and we hav to live life accordingly to wat life brings us.


Don't Give Up On Us

Love has taken me for a fool
Gotten out in time to save himself
Shoulda known better
But I let things slide
I took you for granted
That you'd always be
The one for me
Baby I stopped tryin'

Baby don't give up on us
I know your heart is full of doubt
You don't need to be without
These loving arms

We'll hold you thru your darkest hour
I'll be using all my power
So I can reach you
Oh my love, don't give up on us

I've been living alone here
Or have I turned to dust?
It hurts it hurts to wait for just a little love
You must
Give me a sign love
Can't you see me standing here
Alive and well with all the hope
You'll be
The one for me
Baby I'll keep trying

Baby don't give up on us
I know your heart is full of doubt
You don't need to be without
These loving arms
Old you through your darkest hour
I'll be using all my power
So I can reach you
Oh my love, don't give up on us

Maybe the way out is here
It went where it all begins

We cant go on
Living on a cloud
We'll never find our way home

Let me reach you
Oh my love
Come on let me in
Let me hold you
Oh my love
Don't give up on us

Let me reach you
Oh my love
Come on let me in
Oh let me hold you
Oh my love
Dont give up on us

-Sarah McLachlan; Don't Give Up On Us.

running nose = hidung berlari2? heh.

slept like a baby last nice. the antihistamine i took for my runny nose really hit me like shait. 10.30pm - i alrdy in the MuMuLand. around 3am, aku terjaga - wit coupla missed calls, msges in the phone.. but then i was so drowsy dat aku mls sgt nak response to any.

will be leavin for PutraJaya today ptg. esok rehearsal, lusa the ceremony. dis is not the first time aku had dis kinda APC - so i gez theres nothg to be much ado off then.

i am doin much better now, thank God. kalo tak - kena rujuk pi spital la jwabnya. heh. tp mulut still rasa pahit, makan pe pun tak sedap..

theres a few changes around me dat started to notice darn well. yet aku try not to think about it damn much. i jst want thgs to be the way it is.

Monday, June 22, 2009

feverish, again.

i was hit by the fever, again. dis time around - i do believe i am lackin of rest and such.. i wanted to jst buy the medication over the counter - but then again.. wit Influenza A H1N1 segala bagai neh - makin me scared. so i off seein a doc., semlm after the dinning out. she said i am havin a mild fever wit abit of injected throat. she did ask me if i am havin dis generalised bodyache - but God sake i aint hav one (despite the bodyache coz by the weight lifting, la..). she prescribed me Syrup Dipenhydarmine, Lozanges, Bacampicillin and PCM. and off i go home. the fever wasnt dat bad until mid of the nite - where aku rasa sejuk sgt God sake.. and today - i am takin an EL (despite of havin an MC) for a day. i wish thgs gonna be ok by trow - for i gotta be there in PutraJaya by trow petang.

Ajak came in early in the morn., to pick up the report i shldve submit to AKI today. since i aint workin, theres no way i am gonna be there in the ofc, God forbid. Ajak pun on leave - he's still demam. i believe dat somehow - aku berjangkit dgn dia la kot.. since he was having fever back there while in Pangkor, and i was stayin wit him.. its ok la. ujian Tuhan neh. gtew.

i am goin to go downstairs, see i got for lunch. i'll gulp some medication, and off to MuMuland, again..

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Anyone? Its dinner time. Aint healthy, but its alrite.

gym. army.

spent some hrs in the gym jst now.. i think around 2 solid hrs. i din go for a jog - so be tter off dat way. it was a fcuktastic first one hr, until the guy yg jaga gym to switch the song into somethg else - u gez wat? its Jamal Abdillah, God sake. now i know theres no such 'ada brader request lagu Jamal lar, abg..' kinda thang - for i was there - all freaking alone!! i wanted to say a word or two, but dammit - the guy so into shyte wit the songs. Gadis Malaya watever not. nope - Gadis Melayu. jst imagine. not dat i hate Jamal Abdillah - tho only my mum listens to him (sorry, mak!), but - hey! dis is a gym u sicko!! can u play somethg.. better, perhaps? i had dis serabot kepala hotak and becoz of dis, dat i hav to shove my Sony mp3 player rite into my both ears - and done wit the whole thang. shait. i am gonna call up the boss. wheres the fcuking promise? dis is aint yr dad's house, young man.. dis is a gym. G.Y.M - got dat. the boss gotta do somethg - or i off to another new one then. heh.

army's hot. haha..

enuff about the gym thang. its funny anyway. but its sucks big time too. btw - dis is the only thang yg aku beli kat Pulau Pangkor. erk - sorry.. no sotong bergula watever not.. i was erk - lupa. bley? haha.. i remember someone told me a quote - when a guy in dis kinda pants. haha.. it stucks alrite deep in my head. but dis is nice. kinda nice in it. its a 3/4 pants. theres a label wrote;

Inseam - 27-31in
Waist - 31-35in
Stock # - 8415-05-184-1351
NATO size - 7583/7989

can u believe dat? i mean - the last part. wow! NATO size!! MADE IN USA some more. heh - yeah rite. like i giv it a damn. i wont tell the price. jst dat i do believe it is just MADE IN BALAKONG, God sake.

again - does it matters? huhu