Sunday, April 12, 2009

jerawat. idung. heh.

used to be buat2 bz.. but now..

jerawat dalam idung - it aint no funny thang. i hate it. its not like everyday i am having it. but once if i do - it is gonna be hell. and so it goes for dis coupla days. tensen siot! sakit sgt. dah la jerawat tu naik over my nostril, rite on the septum itself. i hardly make faces, i hardly touch the nose pun. let alone to pick the nose kat traffic lite like everybdy does. heh, kerjeh. but i cant complain (tho i do think i jst did), since tak elok.. all dis thg happens for a reason, i think. tp pls la.. naper la tak jerawat kat muka ke, dahi ke.. ni dlm idung. huargkhh!

its a hell bz month for me. assignments, exams (again on coming weeks), works, works, works.. sometimes i do think i shldve not be in dis field pun at the first place. but i love teaching. damn. or perhaps - i dun believe in dis instituition. where ppl r doin thgs dat r not supposed to - and u got no choice left, really. and u started to abandon yr real core job behind. shait. kdg2 aku geram sgt dgn Bahagian Latihan KKM neh - they r human being up there too, cant they jst see who we r? android ke? operator kilang pun keje tak trok mcm ni, ok. lecturers start to burn out. let alone the students. so bila result corot - no, its not the student fault. its yrs. it solely yrs. fcuk off. i talked to Pengarah regarding dis - but obviously cant be doin anythg at all.. 'unless if the students complain' as he said. i heard dat from other colleges, the stdnts do write to the idiot up above - yet budak2 kolej aku neh.. heh, nak kata kayu tak jugak. Majlis Tertinggi ada - tp.. asyik jadi pencacai jilat nonat lecturers sajork. and dats y i think - i shld be using the 'bodoh' thang. indeed.

aku jst nak finish up thgs i am doin now. abes je dgn stdy aku neh - definitely i wont wait. for a fool je will do. God sake.


:: NbC :: said...


1. kata org2 tua, jerawat dtg bila tgh asyik bercinta - hehe - something related with ur hormone, but bila dlm idung, err u cium apa neh..? hehe

2. luv teaching too - enjoy ur work, menyebarkan illmu tu kan keje mulia, insyallah

*tiru ur style of commenting

jerry maguire, jr. said...

1. Cium mender eh? Tak hengat la.. Berchenta? Yeah, rite. Hahaha.. Kalo hormone, ye la kot. Mcm muda remaja sgt kan?
2. I knw. I love teaching too. But ere, it is too much.. Tak tahan la..

timtams said...

At least its inside the nose where NOBODY can see it and stare at it like a third eye! I had one on my nose lately (a girl's nightmare!) I said to myself if it got any bigger I would hide from the world until it cleared up...and thank god after 1 night of intense treatment (toothpaste - works wonders!) it shrunk and thanks to alittle bit of makeup concealer (a girl's bestfriend) no one noticed it too much. :-)