Monday, April 13, 2009

ere i am..

finally ere i am - away from work (tho aku did bring some MCQs/SEQs along - jst in case i am in the mood of markin em). the weather - damn nice. it was rainin by the time i was in ere checkin in - but it aint anymore. it aint dat cold no more nowadays ere - but it worth a trip. no faces dat i know. no hassle. no nothg. tea and scones. home-made strawberry jam. the cream. and some books, too. the sceneries. damn.

and dis never be dis special too. dis is way too different when ur in ere wit yr hu-ha frens. wit yr family. but to be in ere by urself and someone next to u - it is so damn different. trust me. its not even 5pm, and its gettin darked. gotta go for some early dinner, before its raining, again.

will be back, soon.

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:: NbC :: said...

Hello Shahe,

i know where u r - been there (my last visit was in 2002), true it's not cold anymore

hey, if u r looking for a colder place, come over & enjoy the cold weather here ;-)

*TC & enjoy urself, come back with a brand-new Shahe