Saturday, April 4, 2009

caffiene thiggie..

cut on caffeine? it helps u getting thinner, eh?

life has been kinda upside down for me - lately. the whole month for dis month, i mean - is kinda pack dat when i go thru the schedule.. i was like.. 'aiyoooooo' kinda thang. the work, traveling, not enuff rest, lack of gym/jog, never end up paperworks, students, assignments (bertimbun2, date-line dah dekat yet apa pun tak start lagik), exams like 2 weeks to come, kerja2 yg aku shldve done earlier, yet i was not. suck it is, but again - dammit, i shldve learn thgs well.

and dis will mean more caffeine. more caffiene will makes me more alert and energetic for works. yet then - i'll be losing more sleeps. losing more sleeps means there'll be more headache. more headache will makes me living life like shait. dammit.

i shall finish up thgs thru dis coupla days during the weekend. next week will be a-dammit hectic week for me. away for coupla days, balik masuk office wit classes, exams for budak2 and such. not to mention aku nyer assignments, too. so - forget about movies for the weekend. or a 'minor shopping' on thgs, shirts et al. let alone out for ikan bakar, together2 wit frens at mamak over tea-tarik-besar kinda thang. but gym, jog - fcuk me - i hav to. God bless me - think i am gettin fat now.

gotta hit the crib for the second round. pening la ngadap lappy sajork.. dr 3am tadik. bley? heh - stop dat smiling. i mean - lappy, doin my assignments, ok. no FaceBooking-God-sake. hehe


Faisal Admar said...

caffeine makes you thinner? i doubt :D

but sport does!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Faisal - indeed. in a large dose, of course. go thru some literature - u'll find one. and most of the slimming product (esp. yg sapu2 tu) ada caffeine! - it helps u drain out excessive water out of yr system. hehe

artisticklytouch said...

my april seems relax ha ha after a hectic mac!!