Wednesday, April 8, 2009

another long day..

jst dat i tot i'd havin enuff rest to get goin for the rest of the week - aku received a call from a boss dat i need to go up to Parit Buntar and Gunung Semanggol for clinical visits to the hospital and health clinics there. i was like.. heh - baru je ingat nak dok office and lepak2 buat keje - dah la away from the ofc for the whole 3 days, aku cldnt finished up thgs yg sepatutnya aku dah done wit em all alrite.

tapi tak pe - aku can always singgah rumah kak ngah after done wit the visits/teaching. menu ari ni, according to ngah - masak lemak labu, ikan sardin goreng cabai. wah!! berair mek.. *bley?*

gtg. nak pi office dulu, settle coupla thgs before aku hit the road. its gonna be another long day - for me, i think.

see u ppl.

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