Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday - is the day..

as i said before - today was kinda 'not my kind of day' alrite. say wat ever lah u want (ok, Art! bley?).. jst dat i was still in the off-days mood and the feelin of being lazy on my coach, lepak2 dpn idiotbox, doin nothg but nothg was still taking me by suprise.. so - pagi ni, aku started my day wit a call from one of the LP (local perceptor) yg ngamuk2 since 'student ko tak dtg2 lagik la Shah - dah 8.15am neh! aku plak dtg awal dr dorang' mcm tu.. and the best thg was - bdk2 ni posting psych - which is dkt sgt dgn ofis aku.. so - aku start engine keter.. and yeah - aku sampai awal lagik dr dorang!! so watdya expect? aku wld bentang karpet merah, tabur bunga rampai dan senyum melebar from ear to ear? heh. mmg tak arrr.. dkt sejam budak2 neh kena 'basuh' dgn aku.. aku siap bg asgments lagik as a punishment. heh - dgn aku senang. u mess wit me, i'll double mess wit u. u 'cakar' my back - hell yeah i'll 'cakar' yrs larrr.. menikus budak2 ni tgk aku. and aku left em to the LP yg senyum melebar (kejs skals!) and head for Hosp. Kuala Kangsar..

reached there around 11am.. sajer je aku amek my own sweet time - siap berenti kat R&R Sg Perak makan2, minum2, wee wee segala bagai.. kalo bley tdo, harews la aku tdo jgk.. heh. sampai je - the Casualty was kinda lintang pukang - there was MVA involving coupla cars n thgs like dat. including coupla other cases too.. aku tgk bdk2 neh - yg mana ok, ok.. bley function very well. yg mana yg mcm tiang drip - so mcm tiang drip la jugak.. berdiri sebelah, wit a panic look, not knowing wat to do.. heh - sajer je kan, cari pasal?

and theres one of the student - tgh perform dis T&S (aka jahit le..) over dis 8yo boy, c/o LW wit h/o bertumbuk dgn budak2 lain.. and again - aku took over the scene very well.. since the stdnt ni serba tak kena, aku pakai mask, put on the strile glove.. and do wat i shld be doin. gian siot jahit2 org neh - lama sgt dah tak do any T&S. so, sambel aku do the T&S, aku did some bed-side teaching to dis stdnt yg lemau neh.. and at the same time jgk - aku bambu the patient too.. 'pi skol nak belajar ke, nak gado2.. nak jdi gangster kah.. bla bla bla..' kinda thang. syiok plak, eh. heh.

T&S done over the chin. aku bet dis budak
akan bertobat after dis.. *bley?*

sampai je KK Pdg Rengas.. aku dah mcm malas sgt. although the stdnts there were good - in most of the thgs.. tp aku not havin dis urge to teach a lot pun.. so bincang sket ttg skills on how to clerk OPD case sket2.. dah la. around 3pm, aku blah.. aku lapar, pening, mengantok - all in one.

theres coupla thgs inside i wish i cld let it spills in ere. but i know - i jst cant. too many hearts out there, dat i hav to think of.


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