Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday mornin (glory)..

i woke up early dis mornin.. despite of hittin the crib a bit late last nite. after Subuh - i was in bed, upside down hopin i'll get the eyes to close off for a while - yet buang masa jer.. so aku off the bed, went for a shower, went down to the kitchen for a my daily mornin dose of caffiene and ere i am - infront of the lappy. theres coupla thgs yg aku need to settle before dis Wednesday - and i gez i shld be doin em now.. feel like goin out for an aerobic and a bit of jog - tp malas plak rasa nyer.. think i shld jst stay back la kot.

had dis mixed feelin. kinda scared. not dat really scared - but.. well, i dun know how to put it. its the uncertainty feelin. u know rite, how it feels? when u hav dis mixed feelin, so insecure, uncertain about somethg - u not sure to go on wit it or not.. ppl said i shld be qutting dis, but i jst dunno y i keep surrender to the whole thang. i never get dis 'lembik' before. i used to stand tall on watever decision i made. but dis time around - think of goin wit the flow, yet i aint sure if its even the rite flow i am goin thru wit then.

God, help me.

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:: NbC :: said...


pls dont play the 'game' dear. wanna see the old u. stay strong, insyallah u'll be ok.