Monday, March 9, 2009

Taiping thg.

reached home by 5.30pm. i had Soleh drove all the way from Taiping till ere. the road was pretty packed alrite - its kinda long weekend, i gez everybdy's takin chances doin the 'balik kampung' thang.

had a nice time there in Changkat Jering. mak long was there in her daughter's home - its our sepupu then - so we head there rite away. sampai sana - kak ngah and family was alrdy there - and yeah, they r doin the cookin thang.. it was tomyam, ayam masak kicap wit sambal belacan and all. i was thinkin - tot mak long was doin kinda bad, nice siap mkn2 plak, pe kes? - back then, she wasnt dat bad.. i think she's havin dis sort of 'umbilical hernia'. i know it is pretty rare in adult, but she's havin sort of typical symptoms of it alrite. she's yet to put under the scapel, cuma there'll be a TCA dis coming Thursday - to decide perlu ke tak she off for some op procedure. buat saspen sajork..

wish mak and abah were there too jst now.. both of em r doin 'jalan2 rumah anak' and at time being - they r up there in Jitra, at abg cik's house.

kinda miss em both, yeah.

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artisticklytouch said...

miss u two...*erk..tiber jer