Sunday, March 1, 2009

pic lama2.. huhu

i think i changed a lot over the years. the look, mentality and such. i changed a lot, i gez. tho the question if i learnt a lot thru the years or not - wld be a different thg; i still do believe dat i do change, yeah.

i was doin some works on the cpu (i did not use it for like a year now?, i think) when i stumbbled into dis file - full wit all my old pictures.. ridiculous, i know. i wanted to upload more - but kinda 'malu' of course.. i was totally a different person, God sake! i am sorry tho - the pics r pretty small. purposedly do it dat way so u dun get the chance to study my innocent lookin! haha.. as if.

so - below r some of em, to share wit u ppl. innocent, decent lookin aye? well, i am still, one - trust me.. (bley?)

after a trip to Singapore.. dis was like in 2000 if i
am not mistaken.

infront of my parent's house. cant remember when exactly, but i do believe it was in 1997 or 1998 le kot..

in Langkawi, kalo tak silap aku. 1997, yeah.
look at my hair. auww!

2004 - kat KLIA.

dis one bile eh? 2001 kot. ish - tak ingat la.. KLCC.

look at me! auww.. (again). mcm flawless sesgt. in KL. i cant remember when was dis taken.. aiyooo.. next time kena
properly name the file, eh? heh.

me in Cameron Highland, 1999. wit frens.

best man on my best-fren's wedding si Mahfuz. aiyoo.. ini sumpah aku lupa bila. Poot, bila ko kawen eh??

me and Faridah in Shah Alam, 2001. muka berminyak2, bley tomis gulai one. tgh deeplyde-in-love.. tp tak dak jodoh. heh.

gez wat? aku in Acheh, as tsunami nyer volunteer.
hehe.. muda tak aku?

me and coupla best frens - Rozi yg giler and another gal.. erk - aku luper la. sorry! she's a lecturer in Kubang Krian anyway. Rozi? in Taiping.. or Manjung. heh - mana satu eh? lama dah tak keep in touch.
in UniSEL, 2003/4.

me and housemates. nampak tak taiko bear kat belakang kanan tu? dats Razak. he was sooooo erk - fat (sorry Ajak, but dats the fact kan?) at dat time.
in Shah Alam, 2003/4.

coupla yrs back. in McD, buffet berbuka poser. kelakar.

not dat recent, but i think dis is 2 yrs back..
while anta my lil sis for UK. in KLIA.

me wit hair. heh, miss dat moment. a yr back, KL. but i am havin a new fetish now - i wanna shave off clean my head. how is it?


Mr. Firdaus said...

totally different.
cikgu razak pon sme.
haha xD

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hehe.. those were the days. haha.. sy sama dgn cg ajak dr skol menengah lagik. hehehe

Anonymous said...

i dun know ur past. but i love u now. i once listened to spice girls song - say u'll be there. "if u want my future, forget my past". huh. ade kena mengene ke dgn blog u? tp whatever it is, i just wanna u yg skrg. "boring is yesterday!" - america's next top model's cover girl session.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Nazmir - bley? hahaa