Sunday, March 1, 2009

pic lama2.. huhu

i think i changed a lot over the years. the look, mentality and such. i changed a lot, i gez. tho the question if i learnt a lot thru the years or not - wld be a different thg; i still do believe dat i do change, yeah.

i was doin some works on the cpu (i did not use it for like a year now?, i think) when i stumbbled into dis file - full wit all my old pictures.. ridiculous, i know. i wanted to upload more - but kinda 'malu' of course.. i was totally a different person, God sake! i am sorry tho - the pics r pretty small. purposedly do it dat way so u dun get the chance to study my innocent lookin! haha.. as if.

so - below r some of em, to share wit u ppl. innocent, decent lookin aye? well, i am still, one - trust me.. (bley?)

after a trip to Singapore.. dis was like in 2000 if i
am not mistaken.

infront of my parent's house. cant remember when exactly, but i do believe it was in 1997 or 1998 le kot..

in Langkawi, kalo tak silap aku. 1997, yeah.
look at my hair. auww!

2004 - kat KLIA.

dis one bile eh? 2001 kot. ish - tak ingat la.. KLCC.

look at me! auww.. (again). mcm flawless sesgt. in KL. i cant remember when was dis taken.. aiyooo.. next time kena
properly name the file, eh? heh.

me in Cameron Highland, 1999. wit frens.

best man on my best-fren's wedding si Mahfuz. aiyoo.. ini sumpah aku lupa bila. Poot, bila ko kawen eh??

me and Faridah in Shah Alam, 2001. muka berminyak2, bley tomis gulai one. tgh deeplyde-in-love.. tp tak dak jodoh. heh.

gez wat? aku in Acheh, as tsunami nyer volunteer.
hehe.. muda tak aku?

me and coupla best frens - Rozi yg giler and another gal.. erk - aku luper la. sorry! she's a lecturer in Kubang Krian anyway. Rozi? in Taiping.. or Manjung. heh - mana satu eh? lama dah tak keep in touch.
in UniSEL, 2003/4.

me and housemates. nampak tak taiko bear kat belakang kanan tu? dats Razak. he was sooooo erk - fat (sorry Ajak, but dats the fact kan?) at dat time.
in Shah Alam, 2003/4.

coupla yrs back. in McD, buffet berbuka poser. kelakar.

not dat recent, but i think dis is 2 yrs back..
while anta my lil sis for UK. in KLIA.

me wit hair. heh, miss dat moment. a yr back, KL. but i am havin a new fetish now - i wanna shave off clean my head. how is it?

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