Saturday, March 14, 2009

McD, Sunday nite, stranger.

syed heidzir.

yg kat sebelah dahi kiri Syed tu.. i think byg2 McD nyer sticker kat
cermin tgkap sebelah kitorang..

dis is Syed Heidzir - one of my fellow fren in FB. he's in Ipoh since he's goin to be a best-man for his bestfren's wedding trow. knew him jst recently - since he's in Ipoh - so we decided to go out for a drink, for a while. Syed told me he's not into a heavy meal for dinner - so.. McD lah, mana lagik.. aku pun - had lite-lite meal sajork..

Syed kinda nice guy, soft-spoken. dreamy eyes. and love to smile. and laugh too.. even tho dis is the first time meeting him up - i got no big problem to make myself at ease. let alone to be my real self; which if for me - damn real crucial. after minum2, sembang.. we decided to call the day off - since esok pun Syed nak berkepit dgn pengantin.. kang bestman plak ngantok.. cemaneh? so around 10.40pm - both of us blah balik ke destinasi masing2 lah.. he's stayin in Casaurina wit his frens, and i am - of course lah - heading back to my house larr..

so Syed - if u happen to stop in ere, again - in Ipoh to be precise, singgah2 lah, eh.. and jgn serik plak! huhu

kinda sleepy. hitting my crib now. g'nite!


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Hafiz -

ru ok? sore throat? jumpak nazmir for some medicine. hehe