Wednesday, March 4, 2009

life is..

went to McD for a dinner. meeting up an old fren - a good fren indeed. kinda nice. its been quite sometimes since i last met him up. we used to spend time together, same hobbies, back-packing and such. so much in common. we shared so many thgs before. but after sometimes - both of us drifted away due to so many thgs. i aint gonna explain dat alrite. jst let bygone, be bygone. but - yeah, its a nice one indeed to hav yr old best fren back in together.

despite of dat - i wasnt really 'there'. my mind racing up upon somethg else. and meetin dis old fren of mine makin me think about lots of thgs. life. restriction. ppl's perceptions. and life. and restriction again. self-images. self-concept. how u live life upon ppl's expectation. and hurtin urself back in return. how u cant do dis u cant do dat kinda thang - so ppl will loves u. and yeah - talk about restriction. due to ppl's saying. ppl's tot. i dunno.

i jst feel myself is not like the one i know before. i dunno where i am heading. and i dun know wat am i doing. i used to believe in 'go wit the flow' kinda thang in life - but dis time around; i aint sure of myself.. wat kinda flow am i drifting in. is it do any good. or it'll harm me at the end of the whole process. i aint good in playin games. and most of the time - i am the one who've been played. due to my silly billy ways of thinkin - i-am-scared-to-hurt-u and its-ok-i-get-hurt kinda thang.

dis aint rite. i dunno. i jst dunno wats rite any more.



:: NbC :: said...

Hi, ask ur heart, then u'll find the answer..

PaKaP said...

the "go wit the flow"
but mine.. "follow the flow"
plus ++ and maybe someday the flow will make u happy..
yek ke?
har har har!