Sunday, March 8, 2009

last day.. yayy!

..well, a bit of re-cap of yesterday's papers. the first one - hate it! mcm gampang. frankly speakin - i hate myself for answerin it like.. erk - freakin shait. i aint sure of wat i answered as well. but then - the second paper was fcuktastic. aku managed to finish it up wit in 30mins and blah paling awal out from the hall! bley? alhamdulillah.

rainy day for the whole afternoon up till midnite, yesterday yeah.. went to Tesco for some shoppin, dining out hell yea. reached home by 9pm - aku dah alrdy flat rite on the floor. mandi2, jump into my boxer and off aku crawled into the crib.. i aint happy as yet - aku still hav a paper to go today, to be precise. its 'psychology of social and interpersonal behavior' - kinda like dis alrite, hope i'll be doin it good then.

cant wait to get rid all of dis, really. really, really.


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Anonymous said...

love u too! sorry 4 everything!