Friday, March 13, 2009

like i care..

i dun believe in co-incidence. theres no such a co-incidence in life, it is. but lately - silly thgs happened. tak penting mana pun - but it makes me do some thinkin about the co-incidence thinggy. heh - no such thang. yet i want to share wit u about dis.

Scenerio 1;

Location - the gym.
When - coupla days back.

i was in the gym alrite. theres was the two of us - me and another guy; barely know him - but its kinda 'hi' and 'bye' gym-mate jer.. the gal who works there; she knows wat kinda song to play each time i jejak je masuk the gym and do the work-out. and i enjoyed her selection well.. all those 'thumb.. thumb.. thumb..' kinda music - u-know-wat-i-mean.

but suddenly - all out of sudden, she changed the music. i went to the counter and asked her in a joking way - 'pe hal muzik mcm ni plak neh?'.. and she said coyly enuff, 'upon request!'.

and gez wats the music? its Jamal Abdillah!! erk.. (Jamal at the gym? ru freakin crazy?)

Scenerio 2;

Location - the office
When - dis mornin, after the meeting.

all dis time - it was me the only lecturer who really went ga-ga like playin the mp3 8 to 5 in my own room. jst like all the students said - 'nak tau mr shah ada kat bilik ke tak.. kalo mp3 is playin - well; he's around. if its not - he's not in la tu..' kinda thang.

but dis mornin.. thgs change. one of the fren is playin sort of mp3, rite from 7.30am in the morn., till 12.30pm before Jumaat.. (thank God i din hear it after dat rite till 5pm!!). it plays again and again - i aint sure if its the whole album or wat - but again and again dat it started to make me havin dis nauseating feelin as if i wanna puke all over the places. i am not tryin to be rude or 'lupa diri' watever it is.. but let me be frank in ere - dats wat i feel, God sake.

and gez wats the music? its Jamal Abdillah.. euw! (heh!)

Scenerio 3;

Location - Simpang 3 Bandar Tambun (traffic lite)
When - jst now.. around 10.30pm

i was drivin pretty fast - wanna get home and hit the shower.. and suddenly the traffic turns red and of coz kena la berenti.. theres a car on my left - Wira if i am not mistaken. coupla young guys in it. i heard dis 'thumb.. thumb.. thumb..' kinda music. so aku turunkan my auto window wit the tot of 'whoaaa.. must be kinda nice mixes they r playin!!..'. only for God sake..

and gez wats the music? its Jamal Abdillah, God forbid? (r they ok or not?)


is it a co-incidence? heh. it wont be worth a cent of thinkin pun.

like i care.

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Minggu mari mendengar lagu Jamal Abdillah..