Sunday, March 1, 2009

howdya deal wit..

when we faced wit problems beyond our control, each of us reacts and deals wit em in our own unique. how we confront a negative force dpnds on our personality and understanding of the world. some of us will retaliate, some of us will turn out to be darn manipulative, some will jst giv in - follow wit the flow and some mght as well totally change - as if u never know him/her before. while it is very difficult to change out innate personalities, it is relatively easy to adapt our philosophical views over time - to help us deal wit life, better. regardless of how aware we r of our own view of life; everythg in dis world is shaped by wat we think about abstract terms like - good, right, karma, equality, success, frenship, love, lies and many more.

a person's view of success (on watever it is) mght make their views benign. we hav ppl dat take solace in karma and think dat good thgs will happen to good ppl. i know ppl dat equate frenshp wit networkin for potential personal gain. how u think of these few words is dat u think of the world. wat u think of the world is how u will act and react thru-out ur life. so think dat wat is good is rite and some believe equality shld hav limits.

it is the difference between out personal understandin of these words dat causes all the problems in the world. if we had a standard definition for abstract terms like dis; life wld be easy. Socrates questioned wat justice was and everyone from cheesy Jonas Brother to scientist ask wat love is.

it is not possible for us to agree on wat smthg is but its quite easy to agree on wat it isnt. love isnt selfish, abusive or conditional. justice doesnt necessarily hav to make every side happy. right doesnt mean dat it must feel good. lies shldnt be bad after all - it'll makes u learn lesson well. we all make mistakes and we r all make short-sighted decisions. we all trip in life. true test of ur abilities is how u recover from ur failures. for some, as simple as fessing up and sayin, 'opss! i screwed up..'. and for others, it is unleashing yet another round of lies to cover up past acts of deceit. u cant waste ur time on em; their definition of love, right and wrong is completely screwed up.

at least dats wat i am thinkin. make mistakes alrite, but u gotta look into ur own self and how to deal wit it well. theres no use of pointing fingers around and think dat it'd makes u feel good.

but then - be how bad it is. life still goes on.

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just smile je.