Monday, March 2, 2009


finally i managed to finish up one bundle of exam paper budak2 neh - thank God. itu pun jenuh la aku turn naik rumah, 2 kali made myself a big mug of Nescafe (mati le aku tak bley tido mlm neh) and in between - theres numerous of breaks - the mp3 player, the magazines and such. aiyooo.. so very the. i am tired. but the eyes r damn wide open now.

i need to hit the crib early tonite, for i hav to wake up very early in the morn. trow, so aku bley ngadap all the notes, buku, modules and such.. well dats me - i remember during the hostel time; i hardly stdy at nite.. i'd be wondering around, usik org yg tengah stdy. get in between if theres some sort of discussion. went up to the rooms yg byk makanan - so i'd be able to eat for free.. hehehe.. and trow morn., few hrs before Subuh, aku dah bangun - solat hajat and tahajjud - and then i'd stay up rite away till the sun-rise, before aku hit the crib for an hr and off to the class.. and until now - i am doin the same. i find hrs before Subuh is the most proper, appropriate time to sit down and do some thinkin - for yr brain still good, non-pollute as yet.

theres coupla thgs dat i've been thinkin of, today. its about ppl around u. the changes. and such. and theres so much i wanna spill em all out in ere, yet i think - i'd be better off reserve em to myself. jst dat - sometimes, when thgs changed - u'll hav dis tendency to miss all the good time u had before thgs went wild, before thgs went down to the drain. u wish thgs to be the way it is before. u wish u cld turn back time. and u wish thgs wld remain the same. but as time evolve around u - it'd be impossible then. all u need - is to brace urslf, to face the music well. and pray to God dat ppl once u love - those came in and change u, those came in and give u time of ur life - wld be happy wit their own choices in life, wit their own life too, to be precise.

and i wanna be the old me. i wish i cld change ppl's perception - dat in dis life; i mean no harm, dat i din mean to threaten nobdy all along the way - i am jst a plain man-on-the-street who wish to hav a bit of good time in life, good ppl to love and get the chance to feel of bein love and such.