Tuesday, March 24, 2009


woke up wit a bit dizzy - my head is like everywhere. and i know wat it is.. i am goin to be in deep shait wit.. fever again. lately neh, asyik fever sajork. the whether, i think. its freakin hot.. nak ujan - tp tak ujan2 jugak.. mcm mlm tadi - the wind, the darkness - i was like lompat2 happy waitin for the rain. yet - sampai ke Subuh - no rain at all. and obviously - it was sooo hot. i had dis uneasy throat sejak semlm lagik.. tp aku kept on rehydrated myself well, thinkin it'd help. and i did go for a jog too semlm - thank God cuaca not dat hot ptg semlm.. so dis morn - made myself a lit breakfast, a Milo and all kinda stuff - antipyretic and all - PCM Soluble, Brufen 600mg, Piriton and such. matilemek mengantuk ari neh. and 3 hrs class in a row - 3 to 5pm ari neh!! huargkhhh..

kept on thinkin about yesterday. for the first time in life (i think) - i was so deep-ly-dy in love wit Monday. it was a nice day, slow and rilexing. no one mess wit my arse, and i wasnt mess wit anybdy else's too. i did my works well, came early and off sharp on time. managed to settle quite a lot of works - which i supposed to earlier, thank God.

heh - i hope i'll be in love wit Tuesday, too. dat is like - today lah!

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