Saturday, March 7, 2009

exam, 2nd day!

basically - i am so bloody fuckin confuse now. i really am. and all these theories r makin me mad. makin me lose my mind. how am i goin to remember the whole freakin theories in a short of time? heh - stop havin dat face. i know it alrite. shldve started early, but i din. so the blame is on me.. is dat ur sayin? heh.

eversince i woke up at 3am - i alrdy had em all; a) aku dah mandi 2 kali, b) aku dah bancuh a big mug of Nescafe.. i started to feel kinda dizzy now, c) aku dah tertdo 2 kali kat meja study neh, d) i kept on havin dis mp3 players stuffed into my ears for i cant stand studyin wit no songs at the background.. e) dah 3 kali aku on off my lappy but aku 'berjaya' not to log-into FaceBook! (skang lain laa.. i am havin a break, okeh!).. and a lot more.

cant wait to get rid of a day like dis. heh.

muka stoned. tak cukup tdo. terlbey caffeine. heh.


:: NbC :: said...

Hi Shahe,

hmmmm, susah2 skrg = sacrifice

insyallah, ada manisnya di ujung setiap sacrifice

* komen mode baik.. ;-)

my name is TunJedi said...

study yea..'no pain, no gain'..cross finger for u!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie - thanks! (betul2 tudung Ekin).. bley? haha

Kak Yang - pe cross2 neh? repot mak! haha.. thanks, lil sistah!