Wednesday, March 11, 2009

..comes around.

lemme paint dis pic for u, honey -

u spend ur nite alone
he never comes home
every time u call - all u get's a bz tone
i heard u found out - dats he's doin to u
wat u did to me - aint dat the way it goes?

when u cheated me
my heart bleed shait
so it goes wit out sayin - dat u left me feelin hurt
jst a classic case
a scenario

tale as old as time
u got what u deserved

and now u want somebody
to cure the lonely nights
u wish u had somebody
dat could come and make it right

but i aint somebody with a lot of sympathy
u'll see
wat goes around - will always comes around!


:: NbC :: said...


may be leh pinjam as a 'gift' for someone..


Anonymous said...

wah wah! i really really love it. poem or lyrics? but nice! and u'r a gud poet! really! give u a hug!