Sunday, March 8, 2009

abes dahhh.. yayyy!

its over. really, over now. i mean - the torturing days yg aku tak sbr2 sgt nak get rid of em well. yeah - the exams r over now.. yayyyy! i swear to God i am goin to hit the crib damn early, qado' all the sleeps i lost over past coupla days.. and since trow is a public holiday.. i am gonna hit Padang Polo early in the morn., for a jog and do thgs i love of doin when its a holiday then.

wat else? think i'll write more, soon lah.

hav a great off day, ppl!

me and the gym, ptg tadik around 4pm.. had a great time
ventilating my rasa geram tak bley jwb exam,
rasa over-confident tp flop and such!


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:: NbC :: said...

yay dah abis..!

errr so leh la dtg jalan2 sini kan..?