Monday, February 23, 2009


heh - ere i am - alrdy in the office, in Ipoh to be precise.. i am in ere alrite. but then - a part of me is still wanderin somewhere else. not dat i wanted it to be dat way- but it is always like dat every each 'break-away'.. i had a great a weekend. a great time indeed. and yeah - if only i cld turn back time. erm - i wont re-plan the whole thang yeah. i wld jst enjoy the whole wkend, as it is yeah.

i din get the chance to snap pics of the wkend - but theres a few je lah.. kamera bwk, tp tak heret togather wit me. so - kamera hp sajork..

the cupcakes yeah - had it like i never had it before. i know dat i'd be havin a surge in glucose level.. but then - dis is not like everyday, aye? i love em all. i jst love em so freakin well.

and dis is the outlet - the Cupcake Chics, the Curve. jenuh jugak lookin out for it.. but then - it is worth it. the sell a cup for RM4.50.. a cup wld make u full like nbdy biz. but then - if u ask me.. a cup? heh, mana cukup bai!!

me and my cupcakes. huhu

and me after the chopping-off-my-hair-session done.. back to the square one, i think.


Mie said...

Sedap tgk cup cake tuh.

Anonymous said...

sedap plak tgk pic yg ke-3 tu. huh!