Wednesday, February 25, 2009


its a gloomy day in ere. as gloomy as the feelin dat i am havin now. i wish i cld hav someone to talk to and share thgs wit - but apparently, i am not. i jst dunno where to turn to. whom shall i talk to - its not like everybdy can jst sit n listen to u over every single thgs under the sun.

thgs r not the same anymore and it wont be the same, i know - i know i gotta learn wit it well, for dis is the way its gonna be - tho i want it or not. it hurts me alrite. its so damn bloody hurtin me dat i aint not sure wat else to do any longer. i wish i cld bend on my knees, and plead. i wish i cld come up wit all sweet words in the whole wide world - so i'd manage to hav the whole thg as it is before. but i gez - its not gonna be like dat. its way damn too late. and i gotta be strong. i gotta brace myself facing dis - again. tho i aint sure as if i am dat strong. for the past 3 months i was a different guy - i was eager towards every single thang, i am a happy guy. yet now - i aint sure how am i goin to face thgs. call me coward. call selfish. call me anythg u feel like callin. i aint giv it a fuckin shait.

i feel so damn sorry for thgs turned out dis way. i never had intention to break thgs the way it is, before. i didnt mean to snatch any thang from anybdy at all. and i didnt mean to turn thgs sour too. i am sorry for bein the way i am. i am sorry for turnin thgs from so nice, beautiful into somethg shait. i am sorry for everythg. God knows how i want thgs stay the way it is. God knows how i am willing to walk away, before thgs stumble and crash in pieces.

i jst dunno wat else to say.

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