Friday, February 20, 2009


dats it - i thank God for the TGIF is alrdy in. i am goin to hav a great get-away, a break - u name it, i am goin to hav it all - all in one kinda thang. i shall leave all the shait behind - for the whole new week is comin thru - and theres no use of sittin down, cryin and feelin blue over thgs dat i cant change - for God sake. and definitely - i am goin to look forward for thgs dat i can change - and i am goin to change em all for good.. i will make sure i aint gonna get hurt, i am not goin to hurt anybdy at all. yet again - i gotta bear dis in mind - i am not ere in dis whole world to please every single ppl around me. coz i mght be losing my whole mind if i am tryin so hard of doin so. for dis is my life, my own future - and if i fall and i if get up runnin - its all up to me. yeah - its all up to me, God sake.

God, gimme strength.

so ppl - hav a nice break. a nice weekend. live life - before it leaves u! see u on Monday.

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