Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blur. numb.

i gez its rite. theres no news, a good news. i am kinda blur, numb. i dun know wat else to believe. thgs r so contradicting wit each another, puttin more burden on my shoulder about the whole shait. he said the symptoms i am havin r not dat suggestive, except for the fundus - theres a liltle changes - he said. but then - my vision is fuckin alrite.. watdya mean - theres changes in yr fundus, yet the vision is OK? even the way he did the fundoscopy pun - mcm main2 jer.. is it because i didnt put my tag on, and he didnt know wat i am doin for life - so he can take thgs for granted? so typical goverment servant. i remember the first time i had the scan - the docs too din know wat to say.. they said it cld be SOL there, yet not dat conclusive. need to re-run the whole shait. God sake - i aint a tikus makmal. i jst need somthg convincing - so dat i cld go on wit whole thang well. so dat i cld hav a good sleepin at nite.

i dunno wat to say. i mght as well go for another second opinion. for the third, yeah. and aint sure if i hav to tell all dis to my parents, Ayu and all. *sigh*

God, help me.

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my name is TunJedi said...

my opinion: wear ur tag or be a tikus makmal!

what is the second/third opinion?