Wednesday, February 25, 2009


stuck in between. find somethg u never think of before. u changed into someone new. yet u hurt some other delicate hearts along the way. u had the choice to walk away. but ur confused - it is so good to jst let it go, jst like dat. and it hurts even more. u know u shldnt choose dis path. yet u got no regret over it. and again - it hurts most of the hearts u love around u. dis time u gotta choose. u hate it. but u left wit no choices to choose. to leave or u get left behind. to leave - u'll hurt yrself, u'll hurt others too. to be left behind - u'll get hurt and it aint make any changes after all.

gotta make a pack - tho it cld be too late.

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Anonymous said...

everybody's changing. as time goes by. sometime, kite ingat orang lain. tapi tanpe kite sedar, kite pun berubah. but 4 me, i still love u. forever and ever. i tak pernah berubah sayang u. my bro. my everything.