Wednesday, February 18, 2009

bad day.

if theres days when it provides u only shait n nothg - i gez dis is the day then for me. i feel numb. i hate thgs infront of me. ppl pissed me off alrite. and the other thgs, too. i feel like killin everybdy; my collegues, stndts too. and i dun hav any intention of doin anythg at all. i feel so damn fuckin lazy, serabut. yet - i hardly know wats bothering me. it is my health - i am not feelin dat well now, the feverish is botherin me like shait. or is it somethg dat i've been thinkin of since last nite.. damn - i wish i know better.

and i am facing wit coupla facts in life which i shldve known better - even in the first place, way earlier. but i am kinda arrogant. cldnt careless. i guess now i am suffering the consequences. i told myself i am gonna be ok - last time, but then - i wasnt too sure wat 'i am gonna be ok' was like. dammit.

i know i am gonna be ok. dammit - i better be. its a matter if of time. its a matter of strength. and its matter of how i deal wit it and such.

for time being - i am not sure wat i am doin, God sake. tho i do believe, wat i feel.


Pakcik Kopi said...

Take a deep breath bro... I have been to that stage in my life as well!! And I am sure you can go through with it...
Yep you r rite.. it is a matter of time and how you gonna face it.. but please... look at yourself... believe in what you wanted.. and am sure... you will get the rite answer and reach what you wanted!!

OK dude... you can so it!!

Malaysia BOLEH!! (tiba2kan??)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

thanks, mister.