Wednesday, February 18, 2009

bad day.

if theres days when it provides u only shait n nothg - i gez dis is the day then for me. i feel numb. i hate thgs infront of me. ppl pissed me off alrite. and the other thgs, too. i feel like killin everybdy; my collegues, stndts too. and i dun hav any intention of doin anythg at all. i feel so damn fuckin lazy, serabut. yet - i hardly know wats bothering me. it is my health - i am not feelin dat well now, the feverish is botherin me like shait. or is it somethg dat i've been thinkin of since last nite.. damn - i wish i know better.

and i am facing wit coupla facts in life which i shldve known better - even in the first place, way earlier. but i am kinda arrogant. cldnt careless. i guess now i am suffering the consequences. i told myself i am gonna be ok - last time, but then - i wasnt too sure wat 'i am gonna be ok' was like. dammit.

i know i am gonna be ok. dammit - i better be. its a matter if of time. its a matter of strength. and its matter of how i deal wit it and such.

for time being - i am not sure wat i am doin, God sake. tho i do believe, wat i feel.

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