Saturday, December 19, 2009

dinner, out.

cheesy pizza - its hot!

by 6pm - aku alrdy out of the house. i am off for a dinner wit an old fren of mine - TC. knew him way back in 2002 if i am not mistaken. a nice guy, can talk about anythg under the sky alrite. he was kinda free, and in Ipoh at time being - so i decided to giv it a shot by calling him up and askin out for a dinner - if he dun really mind. and yeah - he's ok wit it. so it goes. i refused to drive dis time around. i jst wanna scoot there - and i did. it was rainin a bit - jst a lil bit - but by the time aku reach there in Pengkalan (which is around 15min on scoot - longer i bet, if ur drivin), it aint rain at all. like - yeah - at all. heh.

it is nice to catch up wit TC again. we talked a lot - about most of the thang. he kept on pullin my legs, each time see me lookin at the phone. heh. had dinner in Pizza Hut and aku then decided to teman him doin a lil bit of shopping around in Tesco - the so-called pushing the trolley wit boht of us havin a verbal diarrhea, non shop. it was fun.. and a bit of coffee after dat, i callled it off the day. gotta be home, hit Mumu early for trow - i gotta be in Taiping; i am havin a health talk to giv as a part of my community service. i mght as well hit mum/dad's place trus since Monday - i gotta be up there.

erm - i gez life passes by, so fast. its almost scary. i remember woking up today and so-called realized i hav no idea of 'who i am' and 'wat i do'. sort of. my aspirations seem to slowly die down as i enter a realm of 'existence'. jst plain, simple existence. heh. however - i do not want to merely 'exist', i simply want to 'live' (of course) wit some purpose and drive.

but then - where do i find the purpose? and drive? spirituality? or may be i've buried myself wit denial and misery (dammit). i've entered the pits of shait and cannot climb out. or perhaps - actually; i am choosing not to climb out? *sigh* will i ever be truly happy again? innocent. and pure happiness?

again - i'd throw dat question into the void. i prefer not to crack my head over it. and i choose to procrastinate.

gnite ppl. gnite, love. and gnite Mr Void. i am sorry - for i keep on throwin shait to u. but i bet u understand.

the journey..

i tell myself dat i hav no limitations and dat my dreams r worth fighting for - yet there is s'thg within me dat continues to hold me back; making me feel like a failure. or - heh, am i a failure? i hav my own inspiration and i admire the courage she sought to continue on her journey without looking back. i remember i keep on telling others - to move on, to be strong, to walk on - head high and never look back.. but when it comes to ur own self, it is shait.

i can muster up some strength to walk forward. however - can i muster up courage not to look back?



It's been a long time coming,
Such a long, long time.
And I can't stop running,
Such a long, long time.
Can you hear my heart beating?
Can you hear that sound?
Cause I can't help thinking
And I won't stop now

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
Oh, the way that gravity pulls on you and me,
And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun,
And the way that gravity pushes on everyone,
On everyone.

When your wheels stop turning
And you feel let down
And it seems like troubles
have come all around
I can hear your heart beating,
I can hear that sound,
*but* I can't help thinking.
And I won't look now.

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
Oh, the way that gravity pulls on you and me,
And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun
And the way that gravity pushes on everyone
On everyone
On everyone


Friday, December 18, 2009


i wanted it,
to be you..

i wanted it,
to be you - so badly.

dat it makes me feel -
like a fool.


life. and thgs about it..

i remember, i used to talk a lot about life. about wat life is. about how life is. and such. i rambled a lot about it. i think a lot about it - how i treated life, and how life treated me in return. i gez i talk a lot about it dat i sometimes - i dun really understand wats life is all about, anyway. and u started to wonder y, y is dis guy has to crack his head thinkin about somethg dat dun really makes sense.

i never stop wonderin about my life. i lead a small life. a simple one. tho - yeah, sometimes it gets complicated hell fcuk. but other than dat - it is simple. small. well, valuable. but small. i hav most everythg i wanted in life. i hav all those the love ones around. but, is dat it? and sometimes i wonder - do i do it because i like it, or simply because i havent be brave enuff? brave enuff to take chances. taking some risks.

so much of wat i see reminds me of somethg i read in a book - ere and there - when shldnt it be the other way around?

i dun really want an answer. i jst want to send dis cosmic question out into the void.

gotta lay off now. so much of waiting, tonite. waiting for somethg, dat is full of uncertainty. and u know it aint good. gez i'd jst quit waiting. and hoping.

so, gnite, dear void!

tea, for two.

after Jumaat - aku off for Mumu for a while. i din get much of sleeping last nite pun, so i am takin my sweet time payin it off at dat particular time. tido after Zohor - wow! its a great thang to do. who dun like of doin it, anyway? heh. around 4pm, aku tersedar. heard of some kinda weird thgs down in the kitchen. it was Soleh - tgh rebus Maggi. he complained it to me, sayin dat 'along masak Maggi sorang2' kinda thang. its a poor thang. i feel so damn fcukin responsible. bein an elder bro., i shldnt be doin dat to my smaller boi. i was like, 'nak mkn pe? along pi beli..'.

the fact is - aku malas sgt nak kuar rumah. nak tukar baju, seluar. cari cap, start moto aku off to kedai depan. wow! its been like 24hrs since aku last out from the house. dis is amazing! heh. and its about to rain. u know - windy day, gloomy sky, dark thick cloud up on ur head.

i decided to masak2 again. and the menu for today - for tea, to be precise; Cucur Udang wit Tea O bujang. wah! dgr pun aku dah excited. dis is even better than sex! erm, i am making dat thgs up. alrite. jst dun hate me, ya! heh.

and dis r coupla thgs yg aku beli there at kedai India dpn taman aku. aku noted dat mmg byk brg2 dapur aku dah selesai, and i feel so damn lazy to go out for a proper shopping. so - there it is, udang kering, ikan bilis, susu 2 tin, tepung, sos tomato aka ketchup and minyak masak. yeah - ketchup is tomato sos, ok. tomato sos is made of tomato. not like cili sos - they r made of cili plus buah betik yg.. erk - nvm. i dun eat cili sos, God sake. never ever. anymore. euw.

and 2 packs of Twisties. spicy garlic for Soleh, cheesy for me - as usual. mak not in the house, so its alrite. we hardly hav dis around in the house. and kalo nak mkn pun - gotta be out of the house. junk food is so like a sin in ere. its a good thang, yeah. junk food kills u. but gettin kill sometimes can be a bit of rewarding. kinky. *watever*

so lets get on track now, yer puan2. cucur udang. dlm 7 minit dah bley siat kalo puan2 make sure buat dgn penuh dedikasi dan bersemangat tinggi. bukan daddy-kasi, yer puan2. heh. potong udang (kalo nak sedap and eksklusif - guna la udang idup.. tp kalo dah malas, udang kering sajork!), bawang besar dan cili kering. cili kering ni yer puan2, bley tambah perisa sket - since wangi dia lain gtot. heh. mcm2 la - ni je ada kat rumah aku at time being. heh.

tuangkan tepung ke dalam bekas tadi. make sure agak2 la.. jgn kurang sgt, kang tak cukup, and jgn byk sgt plak - bukan nak buat kenduri, eh? yang penting, pastikan tepung gandum yg digunakan bermutu tinggi, berkhasiat serta ada nutrient value.

heh. mengong.

utk sukatan tepung yg i guna ari neh, i jst need like 1 cawan plus 1/8 cawan of air masak sejuk. jgn guna air masak panas - kang masak terus tepung2 tu, tak payanh goreng dah plak.. masukkan air sedikit demi sedikit sambil gaul tepung tadi dgn rata. puan2 bley guna sudip/sodek/camca/sudu etc ye.. tp i prefer guna tangan sajork. air tangan ibu lbey baik. berkat. and unfortunately - i aint one. and make sure tangan tu bersih la.. tak kotor, tak korek idung, tak kuar dr tandas dsbnya. euw.

meanwhile, panas kan minyak kepala sawit dlm kuali yg dipanaskan terlebih dahulu. sorry la - kuali buruk. malas nak panjat kabinet cari kuali2 meriah.. nak masak sekejap je. nak mencucinyer kang.. saper nak cuci?

jemput tepung tadi comel2, ke dlm minyak yg dah panas. bley pakai sudu kalo nak. as for me, tangan jugak senang. y bother dirty up all those thgs?

and let it be there in the hot oil for a while. alih2kan sesuka ati. elok2 puan2, minyak panas - ok. as u see it in ere, saiz pelik2 sket. sorry la. aku dgn Soleh je. pe nak gado2?

first round - dah siap masak. Soleh ckp 'pesal kecik besar?'. jwpan aku senang, 'kang dah makan, kuar sama je..'. dia terus like 'heh'. tugas Soleh for the day - bancuh tea 'o'. panas2. jgn manis2, i dun wanna die as yet.

so there it is - tea infront of the idiotbox. HBO is havin You've Got Mail, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hank. i remember watching dis movie again and again - during my early yrs. it was so damn romantic - 2 ppl, walked in the same street not knowing one another yet exchanging emails like most of the time.. and looking for every each replies. aiyooo..

our eyes on the screen. hands on cucur udang, cicah tomato sos.. selang seli wit tea 'o' panas.. tau2, 'eh Soleh, dah abes!'. heh.

and the after-math. thank God, since Soleh dah bangun - aku can skip wit dis one.. ni belum lagik wit all the cawan, saucers and such. euw.

u wanna know the secret? dis is the secret. 7 minit dah siap bley makan. and as for us both - 10 minit dr awal potong sumer bagai, till selesai wit all those - in our tummy alrite. pretty darn fast, aye? keluaran Adabi bertajuk Tepung Cucur Udang. and it cost u only RM2.60.. nutritional value? erk. i dun know. i am feelin damn full now. and i gez dat aint good.

shall i go to the gym? like.. now? gross.

to a movies. or not to a movie.

wow!! erk. wow??

planning to do a bit of movie-marathon, today. browsed on the net, wats in store - nthg much. heh. Avatar. erm - tempting. everybdy was like dah watched dis movie. aku dah tgk the trailer, mcm biasak je.. tp bila ppl started to giv a good comment - teringin la plak. so, Avatar, eh?

called TGV Kinta City - they r having like many shows of it. but - sumer tinggal seat dpn. every show of it. seat dpn? heh. my neck is aint made of steel! next.

GSC Ipoh Parade.. called few times, to no avail. nobody pick up the call. the 4th time aku called - engaged. and so it goes for the rest of it. line bz. all out of sudden, eh? bodo.

heh. KL? or Penang for movies?

think i'd better hit my crib.

sesi memasak for today..

woke up at 10.30am, jump into my towel - i was downstairs, wondering around wat to do, wat to eat and such. i tummy was growling like shait for i din hav anythg at all last nite - for my last meal was a lunch after the simulation session in the skill lab. i remember havin a mug of warm milk, for dats wat i've been havin; for at least wit the hope of it'd help me out for the journey to Mumu, soon after dat, well.

had my pills and some plain water (bgun tdo, get urself a drink of plain water dulu.. before anythg at all!) , i was supposed to be in the bathroom when i found myself started to work out on somethg - for the brunch, may be. and gez wat? i was doin a bit of cookin! heh. dun bother to think of all the grand ones - dis is jst a simple ones, alrite. for kinda lousy man like me. its raining, i am so freakin lazy to drive out, yet i am hungry. so?

first - dun go freakin around. i know dis aint good. at anytime at all, under the sun - dis is jst aint good. too much of MSG, no nutritional value yada yada yada.. but hey, who cares? its not like i am havin it everyday, 5 times a day or 24/7. ari ni je. so - grab urself a pack of Maggi Curry. a pack cukup la.. lain le nak buat kenduri, kan! Soleh? heh. he's still in Mumu. he's better than me when it comes to all dis. so - i am cooking dis all for myself je lah.. hehe

boil some hot water. tuang masuk dlm mangkuk (u cannot rendam Maggi dlm pinggan, rite? so use ur brain well - dis is also a meta-cognitive process. LOL!). bukak a bungkus off Mee Maggi, cepat dimasak, sedap di makan.. and let it be there, for about 2 minutes and so - or agak2 la sampai kembang. meanwhile - get a grip of urself, continue get urself bz a bit by doin somethg yg berfaedah. u dun wanna stand there like a Tugu Negara, tunggu the Maggi sampai kembang, rite? its a waste of time. and membazir tu berdosa.. ermmm.. jgn lama2 sgt yer, nanti kembang mcm cacing Ascaris, u'll find it difficult for the whole process.. cacing? euw!

as i said - do somethg better while tunggu the Maggi kembang. go get some bawang putih, bawang merah/bawang besar, a bit of cabai (sebut btol2!) yg kecik2 tu.. potong halus2. dis is not masak kurma dat u need to potong the bawang like hell. sesedap rasa je, yer.. i love garlic. the more, the merrier. and the bawang merah tu. cabai? heh. sikit2 je. aku tak tahan pedas, dats the thang. kang berpeluh2 mcm working out at the gym - and u'll find me disgusting plak. heh.

panaskan a spoon of minyak kelapa sawit yer, puan2.. minyak kelapa sawit tadak kolestrol. and hence, its good for ur health. bila kuali dah berasap2, surely hell the minyak pun panas.. u get wat i mean, kan? unless ur a moron - u wanted to put ur finger in it - try la. who knows, there'll be an add-up menu plak after dat. heh. erk - ok. masukkan segala bagai yg dah potong tadik.. kacau sampai kekuningan.. hehe.. make sure api tak kuat yer, puan2. ni bukan goreng ayam.. wallaweyyy! the Maggi.. mari kita tgk Maggi kita cemaneh.

damn - the Maggi dah kembang. jgn tunggu lama2, yer puan2. u dun want em all ended up so kembang as i said it before. like wat, puan2? ye.. mcm cacing. euw! toskan Maggi tersebut, dlm penapis yg chantek. elakkan menyentuh air rendaman tersebut. nanti melecur, susah. nak drive pi Casualty plak cuti2 neh. alang2 dah drive out, baik singgah mkn kat kedai je, kan? tak yah nak bertumis bagai. heh.

tatkala menetos Maggi tadi (ada ke 'mene-tos', eh?), make sure yer, mata puan jeling2 sket benda dlm kuali tu! haaa.. kang hanget, payah. kowser la nak potong2 bawang berkali2.. heh. bila sumer2 yg dlm kuali tu dah kuning2, masuk kan perencah Maggi Kari ke dlm gorengan tersebut. ikut la - kalo nak sedap, masuk je sumer. kalo nak idup lama sket, masuk sket2 je.. ala2. or kalo tak nak mati terus - jgn guna perencah neh. tak bagus utk kesihatan. byk MSG. ermm.. as for me, yg penting - sedap! heh. jgn lupa yer puan2, masukkan air sket.. so perencah tu akan.. errr.. erm, sama rata. cemaneh nak ckp, eh? sama rata lah, kan? jgn taruk air byk2. unless u nak masak gulai.

bila dah ada bau (to know if it is or not, bila u started to throw some series of sneezing, well - its about time then!), masuk kan Maggi yg dah siap di tos tadik ke dlm kuali. gaul pe patut. wit a sudip/sodek, idiot. not ur hand! heh. need not to tambah more garam, gula or anythg at all. kacau sket2 je.. nanti hancur plak mee tersebut. get some em into ur mouth to see if they dah masak or not.

tarraaaaa.. done. Mee Maggi Kari goreng bodo. bubuh some lada putih tajuk Ajinomoto tu, and 'serbuk cheese' (found it in the fridge - cant remember bila aku beli pun.. dun worry, belum expired pun). it is advisable to hav dis dgn chopsticks, for u'll enjoy every munch of it, well. kalo dgn garpu cpt abes. tak sempat rasa the orgasmic feeling.

and for today - aku skip the big mug of Nescafe. jemu lah! aku buat a tupperware of Milo 'o'. panas2. hehehe.. heh, actually i dun really like Milo pun. or any malt drink. euw! tp Milo 'o', tak pe kot.. i know. dun start. it aint good to hav ur meal infront of the tv. so-not-me. mum said dat aint good for health. and its proven! mkn dpn tv, will make u drifted away, and u'll eat more since ur not concentrating on ur food. u'll eat more means u'll get more weight on u. more weight, mean ur gemuk. ur gemuk means ur tak cantek. tak chantek means ppl will hates u. ppl hates u means ur an alien. duh! but dis time around - i'll make an expectational. i'll go to the gym ptg ni. after all Channel [V] is havin Double Shots on. heh.

right hand on the chopsticks, left hand on the remote. channel surfing. dis is interesting! heh. wat a life.

and dis is the worst part. i hate it alrite. doin the dishes. can i skip dis? heh. look at dat oily thang. euw. can i do dis trow je lah, eh? or, erk - 'Soleh!! bangun..'.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


its raining. and Soleh yet to be home. i've parked my car in. and i am hungry. feel lazy to go out, for again - its raining.

feels empty tonite. there's like a hole in me. FB is no more the same like before. the blog - i got a lot to write, but i think its no more down in ere.. the house is so damn fuckin empty. think i need to go out for some fresh air, no?

i feel numb.



early queue to work!

reached the ofc around 7.30am, kinda late than usual alrite. woke up late as well. i had a great sleep last nite - i even had a dream! heh. a weird dream, dat is. anyway, it doesnt matter. for all i had was a great sleeping, and i gez dats all dat metters.

Latihan Pengendalian SIM Man 3G and Simulasi kat Skill Lab for all the lecturers, today. second day, in fact. started yesterday - but aku will be in starting today morning. theres coupla thgs needed to be done today - but all of em r like kerja2 bukan hakiki. bley? 1) renew lesen (dah mati semlm!); 2) pi workshop - servis kete.. i feel like heading doing the balik kampung la ptg ni, rindu plak mak abah.. for far as i concern - abg cik and kak ngah shldve been there at kampung too, i gez. but i need to send the car to the workshop first lah.. kalo tak ptg ni balik kg, may be esok la.. its a long weekend after all. aku feel like ngeteh wit Nuat and Isyam as well - there in Parit Buntar. those 2 guys rmy old kampung frens - lama dah tak jumpak, lepak2, and hav so-called late tomyam wit em both. errmmm.. see how lah. after all, if i am at kg - Monday terus bley off to up north.. senang sket.

its a batik day today. and aku in one, yeah. awal2 lagik prepare so dat i wldnt get lost at work nanti while everybdy's in one, and i am not.

and if i aint goin back to kampung - i'll stay back at home je kot. doin my own thang - gym jog and such. and i am giving myself another 2 weeks - to chop or not to chop. see how. again.. *sigh*

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


goin thru my schedule, i noticed dat my trip to up north dah due - and it aint an option any longer. its a must, i gez. as much i hate dat fact, i hate too, finding myself on the road again for dis.

i wish i cld spell it out in ere, but ur aint gonna like it. i bet u love all the good, nice story. tale of wat i do, wat i eat, where i go and such. and tellin all shait in ere, will make u think as if i am kinda freak lookin out for some kinda attention. so for time bein - i am doin it anonymously, somewhere else. i gez i found it pretty much relief dat i can put thgs in my own words, there - w/o any restriction, w/o and thinkin of wat u ppl mght think. and nbdy knows it, jst like the early yrs when i was in ere, as well.

gnite. may u find peace, for dats wat everybdy's lookin out for.

dinner yay!!

being so malas today. in malas mode, alrite. supposed off to the gym, tak pun pergi. ujan some more.. aiyooo.. perut lapar. last meal was a brunch - roti canai 2kpg banjir kari ikan. erm.. now dat aku feel like starving, someone gav me an idea to jst pick the phone up and call up Pizza Hut. heh, ye la kan? jst call em up, prepare some money - u can eat all u want to eat.

so there it is - Super Supreme Personal pan satu, Deli Wing 4 pieces and soup of the day - mushroom my fav soup alrite. the boy on the phone said the menu will be rite infront of my door at 7pm, so aku rileks2 la upstairs until aku dgr someone terjerit2 dpn gate aku.. heh. loceng ada pasal tak picit?

tot aku'd hav em all for myself, baru je nak bukak mulut makan, Soleh sampai from his break kat Water Theme Park. argkhhh.. kena kongsi lah! so - finally aku had 2 slices of pizza, 3 pieces of Deli Wings (Soleh 1 cukup! heh) and soup all for myself.. hehe

and its done! *burp* gym tonite? as if. heh.

Super Supreme alrite..

a must-hav for me - Deli Wing Ori 4 pieces.
nyum nyum..

report cards..

and gez wat? i found these too! the so-called 'report cards'. haha.. waktu sekolah rendah dulu - dari Darjah 1 till Darjah 5. kinda sad dat only now i realized report card aku waktu Darjah 6 went missing. erm - sumpah tak ingat letak mana.. cld be hilang waktu pindah rumah dulu kot. very time report card nak issued out, aku freaked out like shait. fail in only one paper mean - rotan. any 'red pen', means - rotan. ayoooo..

nothg to be much-ado off. i was a plain kid during sekolah rendah. a bit of geek. or nerdy, to make it simple. aku sat at the front row, most of the time dekat dgn meja cikgu - since my dad wanted me so. he told me dat - the further back aku duduk, the less i'd get. and so the story goes. and almost thru out the 6yrs - aku 'berjawatan'; tak Ketua Darjah, Penolong Ketua Darjah. paling grand - jadik Ketua Pengawas during my 6th yrs. and paling cikai - seingat aku, jadi Ketua AJK Kebersihan, waktu Darjah 3 - which means aku kena 'kerah' budak2 perempuan sapu sampah bagai.. and most of the time - it was me doin dat bulshait. heh.

i was an easy kiddo back then. time nak periksa - aku'd kept myself in the room, doin the 'baca buku'. aku jarang-jarang sgt2 ponteng kelas. dari Darjah 1 till Darjah 4; abah anta and amek aku bila abes skol. time Darjah 5, aku started to beg mak to pujuk abah to buy me a bicycle - so aku'd able to cycle wit others, to skol.. after like months of persuasion, finally aku cycling to skol! tu pun 2 kali accident - abah nyaris2 'tarik balik' his permission allowing me to cycle to skol. aku bawak bekal pi skol - since mak made me so. it aint cool back then, but aku came from a family yg tak berapa senang, adik2 ramai - so aku ikut je.. and most of the time - aku makan sikit je and the rest of it, aku bg kawan2 aku makan.. imagine young boys - running up and down; they get hungry damn easily. back home - mak grinned from eye to another, his boy never failed to finish up the bekal provided. heh.

aku remember buku latihan kerja rumah aku selalu bertukar tangan.. budak2 malas buat keje rumah, pinjam buku aku, tiru. aku remember one time - the exercise book went around until time nak passed up, aku cldnt find where it at. aku ended up kena rotan kat bontot wit the cikgu BI tot dat aku 'tak buat keje rumah, and made up story' kinda thang. sampai sudah aku tak jumpak dat exercise book! heh.

and aku remember aku was so in love wit Bahasa Inggeris. i hate Ilmu Hisab. and i love Ilmu Kesihatan, Ilmu Alam, Ilmu Sains as well. i kinda hate Tatarakyat since cikgu dia mcm ampeh sket. asek suruh budak berdiri baca buku teks, and he sat there staring at us.. silap sket, rotan. Bahasa Malaysia? tak pyh ckp. aku suka buat karangan so badly! haha

muka depan report card aku
waktu darjah Satu - 1 Biru.
bley? i jst love biru anyway! haha
Biru at dat time was mcm second class la..
Merah was the good one. aku tak ingat nape aku
kena campak masuk Kelas Biru.. budak2 haru biru!

Darjah Satu -in second class..
tapi aku managed to excel! hehe

since aku was doin well in Darjah Satu,
masuk Darjah Dua - aku pun di tukarkan masuk
kelas Darjah 2 Merah. good class, budak cerdik2 giler..
and aku started to be a real freakin geek. heh.

Darjah 3; dis time around no more Biru Merah bagai..
they changed it into kelas A or B.
and aku in 3A. hehe
time ni a bit notti. kelakuan asek dpt B.
or may be cikgu kelas yg bias kot? heh.

Darjah 4A. a bit merosot sket.
kelakuan tak pernah A, kemajuan pun fluctuating..
abah rotan aku few times, wit dis report card.
i din see any 'red pen', tp still kena rotan.. :-(

Darjah 5A. a bit OK. byk A meh!
Percubaan Penilaian dpt A, kedudukan dlm darjah
dlm Top 10.

and aku wonder mana aku letak report card Darjah 6, eh?

way back, in random.

doin nothg - i had a privilege of goin thru coupla old albums of mine - during my kiddo moment up till recently when digicam creep into ur life when u started to take pics, yet so lazy to go and had it print. its been quite sometimes - but each page of it brings smile on my face, for theres memory behind em well. every each of it. i am not sure if i had these before in my page, but still - i wanna share em all, wit u.

mak, abah, cik, ngah and aku.
skip dat belly, pls.
1980, 6yo.

aku and Hasnul in pulau redang.
dis was like a 6 monthly basis trip for me before,
way back then. the above was in 1997.
heh, wonder where Hasnul is, now.

kayaking around Berjaya Redang Resort.
also somewhere in 1997-98.
wit Shamsuri Mat - he's in charge of A&E KT now.

raya at kampung.
in 2001.

wit Shamsuri and Hassan.
in 1996/97.

during kak ngah's kenduri kawen
ngah - tahun brp eh?
along lupa la..


in Kuala Terengganu,
during one of my short trips for some off-days
back in 1999.

UniSEL time
Shah Alam S7 wit housemates

during my lecturer-to-be time
of UniSEL
Kaunseling Kem or somethg
in 2004 still.

i really wanna go back to those years, really.. *sigh*

life. again.

o yea - i forgot to put dis in - u know wat? today must be a very opposite day. one of the silliest credit card company just called me up and i had a 'great' helpful conversation with their billing department - knowin dat they kept on callin me for some reasons - and i already clear up all the bldy outstandin bills, then cancel the card rite away.

he went like 'pardon me sir - u've canceled the card? y sir?'. i was like, 'y? u asked me y? eh, u really wanna know y?'. there's a pause for a while. and he then went on like, 'erk, its ok la sir, thank u'.

one big shait. for tday. and it aint for me!



i wanted to write about dis for days now - but i din get the chance. its about thgs we do in life. every-day life, lah.. we often get so caught up by the daily rut and rigmarole dat we forget to relish life's lil pleasures. yeah - i mean it. look into yrself, i bet u know wat i am tryin to say then. here's a few lil things dat make me smile;

turning on the tv (pergkh - lama tak guna such term!) to unexpectedly catch the happy-endin of an underrated movie. gettin that lil piece of pop-corn (or petai, perhaps) finally out of your gums. or yr rotten-tooth. havin yr fingernails grow jst the rite length to peel off a sticker but not too long to make typing difficult (shait!).. findin an extra slice of bread in the fridge, when u know there's nthg left to munch. not havin a single junk email make it into in your inbox (miracle, isnt it?).. realizin dat in case you run out of toothpaste, there's an extra tube in the linen cabinet (it never happen to me.. why God? why?).. hearin the air-conditioner automatically kick-in the moment you feel a little warm but are too lazy to get up to lower the temperature yrself (God, pls! - as i always say).. gettin rid of the lil piece of pebble caught inside your shoe. comin across a word years after you last saw it in print - 'minstrels'. finishin item #10 on your lil "To Do" list just in time for ice-cream.. making item #11 on your "To Do" list "eat ice-cream" no matter what the list is about.

wld all dat make sense? i dunno. but it happens. to me, indeed.

a day @ Jaya Jusco

Padini Concept is having YES as usual.
kinda go ga-ga over most of the thgs there..

and these are among the 'thgs' dat i've got for myself.
its been a while since aku last do some shopping on baju2 kerja..
and dis time around, i got it alrite.

Big Apple donuts drive me balmy!

the food at Kinta City shooping center had gone thru a total overhaul, recently. heh - beside i was in there a day before (during the workin hrs), its been ages then. and gez wat? into a playground. LOL. i mean - it now has a children playground in it. everythg seems to hav totally refreshed now, even the stall looks very nice and proper alrite.

but the hot spot inside the food court is the new stall rite at the enterance of the food court. it was the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. i've read so much on those bloggers mention about great donuts from Krispe Kreme or J.Co - but there aint any ere, in Ipoh.. *sigh*

but who cares? i gez Big Apple Donuts alrdy there for a year. i think. yet it aint suprise dat many patrons r in the queue for a taste of their delicious lookin donuts. i mean - their donuts really looks yummy tho.

the donuts r prepared in an open kitchen whereby u can see the team dedicatedly workin together to prepare the gastronomical delites dat tantalise the taste-buds of all ages, of their customers! heh. incldng me, alrite.

mok mok.


The Storm Warrios (aka The Storm Riders 2).. *sigh* wat can i say? byk bersembang. and the actress berlakon mcm Statue of Liberty sgt2. wat else? i was yawning thru out it..