Sunday, September 14, 2008

wats the story - Sunday (glory)..

nice Sunday - woke up late after sahur and Subuh - i was wonderin wat to do.. finally decided for a PC Fair ere in Ipoh over Stadium InderaMulia. as expected - the crowd was like.. fcuk!! payah sgt nak cari car park.. let alone to enjoy while doin the watchin dis and dat pre-shoppin. sesak giler.. after got wat i want - aku trus blah, singgah Tesco jap for coupla thgs, incldg barang2 dapor.. i was wonderin wat for berbuka too.. a typical Sunday, i assumed.

Rahim - my fellow stdnt yg genius in setting up pc, internet n such - came in to fix coupla thgs. finally aku nyer router dah bley pakai!! and for yr info - i am updatin dis downstairs, while the router kat bilik study - upstairs. wah! riak sket. bley? alhamdulillah la.. he fixed the manual password to auto-login, set the router, format my lappy back to Vista (yes!!), installed coupla new thgs - tadaaaaaaaaaaa.. and i am set for the virtual world, again.. (pathetic, it seems).

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