Wednesday, September 10, 2008

think i am crazy -

seein the phone like every 2secs

wit the hope for a msg or two

i think i am crossin -

from mad to insane

for havin .. in mind all the time

and it really drives me nut, dammit!

for who dat may concern -

i know love is aint blind

and i am the one who's bein blinded anyway

i cld act like a moron

i cld smile from ear to another

seein yr name on the screen

shait -

wat the fcuk ur doin to me?

is dis the so-called lovey dovey thang?

or just another plain infatuation?

i've been ere for so many times - yet;

dammit i am a fool

i am a plain fool.

help me.


looka80 said...

jm - r u waitin' for my text msg? ahh.. so sweet! 8-) nanti nak gi raya umah awak leh tak?

Anonymous said...

tgk sms setiap 2 sec.. ada mslh la tu...hehehe