Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the sunrise..

these above 2 pics i've takes early dis morn - it was infront of my house, really. every mornin's like dat - it jst dat aku je yg berapa perasan. but dis mornin, while i was panaskan enjin kete aku before off to the ofc., i was like.. 'whoaaa.. superb! eh, where's the camera? wheres the camera?..' and these r wat i get. i personally love the sceneries.. it jst dat i never get the chance to attend it well. and another thang - the sunset. wah!! nanti bila2 aku sempat - aku snap plak..

and these another two pics aku amek pg tadik jugak - kebetulan camera sebelah aku.. its otw aku aku pi keje. the sky was so fcukin superb - dat i cannot resist to stop by the road side and do the thang..


budleee said...

hey bro, glad you feeling a lot better now :). nothing like an escape to nature to release all that stress.

sbanboy said...

Hey bro ... finally found u and great pictures !!!!!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

yeah - indeed budleee..

hi ya sbanboy - man! its been ages.. been lookin for u up and down. hehe

Shah said...

Oooooo.... Sunrise & sunset pics really astound me... Love taking sunset pics. Sunrise I never get to take since it's so hard for me to wake up in the morning hehehe