Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"u r so complicated man!".. this what my heart says after i recieved comment from Shahe this morning. i dunno what's wrong with him but i dare not to reply cuz i might say nasty things to him when i got offended. yes it's true i mad at him now but i know he is my good fren. i appreciate the frenship. for me having ppl like him around is a blessing. it just that sumtimes he is so unpredictably sensitive for no reasons. i admit, it cud be me who makes a mistake first by posting a comment to him doubting bout how he ranks me in his fren's list. but it was nothing but just a joke. i din mean anything. just a normal joke to break the ice. but when he replied to me that way, i feel distracted. a big distraction to me. well, fren is fren, apology is always with them. now what shall i do, a silence probably a saver for a day. "man.. u'r still my fren undeniably, crazily and uglily.. even though u r so fucking irresistably infuriating sumetimes".. i hope u r not doin this as an objection to whatever life fated on me. but i noticed ur status now is "in the relationship" as well. ahaaaa.. wanna share the story? wanna share?..(but i still feel ur reply is rude, harsh, unsensitive, unconsiderate, unwit and tearing-me-up)


well, wat can i say. i am sorry Aizat. it was a fool of me, indeed. i wasnt dat 'clear' in dat particular time.. tho i knw it was not a proper excuse dat i shld cling on.

i am sorry.

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budleee said...

hmm we do that when we are stress
control it, nanti semua lari