Wednesday, September 10, 2008


aku managed to 'sneak' out today.. reached at the Hosp. Ipoh around 7.15am - aku lepak jap dlm keter.. who goes to the office at dis time anyway (i know i did - but dat was when i was in the college!!).. around 7.45am - aku punched card - suddenly the phone screamed. it was Razak - he needs to be in the college for some reason.. and for some reason too, he wants me to tag along! aku was like.. erk - nak pi ke tak, nak pi ke tak.. nak pi.. aku aku off je jumped into his Grand Livina.. and taraaaa.. ere - i am. in my lovely office. doin.. erk - nothing. huhuhu.. worry not - i'll be back on my 'catwalkin mode' around 10am, afterwards.
aku still feel drowsy, mengantok yg amat.. rasa mcm nak head back home and re-do the crashin thang.. semlm nak kata tido lambat - idak le jugak.. 12.30am aku dah in the crib. but then, aku still mengantok. aku cld hav dis 'tido yg tak lena' le kot.. but then - mandi ttp basah, makan ttp kenyang - far as i concern.
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