Saturday, September 13, 2008

on Damia's big day..

the grandmother - or my mommy.. hehe

tempting, i know..

Damia and Hazwan - her bf to be.. hehe.. same age.

ayam panggang for nasik ayam - heh, lapaQ arr..

Damia doin her thang..

ummi, can i do it again? and again? and again? and again.. again

Damia's - sponsored my ummi ngah & family

Areeyna wit her rm1.80 version of selfmade card for her sepupu Damia.. nice job, honey!

me and the big boss - daddy aka abah.. Kimie is on my lap!!

the whole family gathered for Damia's 1st DOB - waktu berbuka.. her ummi masak nasi ayam and couple more thgs.. we invited some others too - stdnts, Damia's nanny and coupla others.. i cld see it clearly dah mak and abah were havin a great time too.. and we had a great time, indeed.

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