Tuesday, September 16, 2008


woke up pretty late - i was tumblin upside down between sahur-tido balik-bgun balik kinda thang.. and my head started to spin around like nbdy biz. heh.. shldve sleep early semlm.. but to tell the truth - semlm was the first nite aku was able to sit infront of the idiot-box for hrs, killin time.. and then i realized i was like 'whoaaa.. dah lama tak tgk tv neh!'.. kinda thang. i gez i missed a lot of thg. berita la, movies in the box la, documentaries la, apa la..

shall be leavin for work now. headin to the hosp straight. malas nak singgah2 ofis. kalo singgah - sure tak jadik keje.

i gez i shall catch u ppl, later2 lah eh..

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