Wednesday, September 3, 2008

kinda weird today. i think most of the ppl around me r bein so damn nice ,really.. makes me wonder - wat the heck is goin around in ere anyway? a fren of mine said, 'u shld be happy lah!'.. i am indeed. but it cant stop me from thinkin. and wonderin - 'y eh?' kinda thang.. most of the days ppl r nice to me yeah, i know - but today - its different. may be i am havin a bit of delusion - but then, who cares?

a day like dis - sometime makes u wanna smile, u wish u cld hav dis kinda day - everyday, every single days of the yr. and it makes me wonder - how easy for us, actually - to be nice to ppl around us, which most of the time - kita berkira sesgt, God Sake..

i gez wat i do today is - jst smile. to everybdy yg passed me by. and wallaaa - the results!!

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Shah said...

I recently had a day when all I could do was smile all day long ;-)

And that very nite was the nite that the sky smiled down on all of us too.

It never hurts to send out a smile