Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i keep on tellin myself - 'stay low, put less hope, dun go for a damn high expctation..' dats wat i've been sayin to myself all dis while - for the past coupla days. i'm in a beautiful mood, wonderful - thgs around me seems to be so damn nice - i know it is all for a reason. they say u'll be sort of 'high' and thgs wld be seein as if r damn good - and if ur too much into it and get carried away; i think i dun hav to elobrate much about it.. everybdy knows the consequences damn well.

but dats wat i am goin thru now. everybdy wants a beautiful life. and so do i. everybdy wants to be in a great life - dammit; i am too. but then again - i am not too sure of wat i am gettin in now. is dis goin to be another fake, false hope - dat'll held u high n suddenly - drop u into pieces?

no - i dun wanna go thru it well, again. not anymore. i hate runnin around and around - in the same pace, and in the same path - again and again.

but dis all r too nice for me. how cld i resist?



budleee said...

its okay to be positive and think of the best sometimes you know, as long as you remember its just a plan and plans can change :)

*i started to enjoy my day dreaming and fairytail hopes, they are just to good to let go over a few problems

jerry maguire, jr. said...

its a self-defense mechanism, Budleee.. and i bet ur aware of well.. hehehe