Friday, September 12, 2008

Damia's big day!

faces of Nurul Aqilah Damia - charmin, isnt she?

its 12 Ramadhan.. and its's Nurul Aqilah Damia's day. big day for her. a bigtime. totally major.. and its her 1st Birthday!! (if its Gregorian - it shld be on dis coming 24th Spet. la.. - but the family decided to go thru the Masihi).

i remember a yr back - when her ummi was upside down, strugglin to 'let go'.. tot u'd be comin out to see the world thru SVD - but u were not.. u prefered to be out to the world, thru LSCS.. and yr ummi gotta went thru another 'torture', jst to make sure u'd be alrite.. and i remember hows yr walid was so worried - over every single thang; yr ummi, yr ownself.. wishin n prayin thgs gonna be jst fine. and i remember how yr walid had dis tears rollin down his cheeks by the time seein they push yr ummi to the GOT for dat particular time. and i remember too - how he had dis smiles all thru out the wk - for the whole first week since ur around..

so baby - ur alrdy 1yr old.. or 1 yr 9months, as i always 'told' u. everybdy is so glad wit ur around - u changed lots of lives around u, bringin sunshine, meanin to every single breathe we breath in.. tho i mght not be able to spend dat much time wit u - but havin u around is the best part in life cld be.. i am proud of u, i am proud of every single thang u do. i wish u'll much better than anybdy wld ever think of. semoga menjadi insan yg berguna dunia dan akhirat, insyaAllah.

Happy 1st Birthday, Damia.

love u!

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