Monday, September 8, 2008

clinical suxs

me in my white coat - retarded look hell yeah..

aku reached Hosp Ipoh damn early - earlier than i think i shld be. and the stdnts r not in yet! damn - i am not sure wat the hell is wrong wit me.. 'bersemangatkah?' as Razak asked me. idiot. the think is - as far as i concern - aku hate the idea of trappin in the taffic.. since around 7.30 up to 7.45am - everybdy is like rushin like shait to own office.. so - aku kuar awal.. sampai awal pun tak pe. just dat - it is Ramadhan, and i cant lepak2 doin my tea tarik at the cafe. heh.

so i was there - minglin around ward 5D (paed surgical) and 6D (PICU) up and down lookin for my stdnts, followin the fellow specialist and other doin the round, joinin the discussion watever not.. and by 12pm - aku dah rasa berdenyut2 tomit kaki aku neh. and imagine, i gotta bear wit it up to 5pm (actually, 4pm aku dah challoww! huhu). penat sial!! aku rasa siksa sgt dua2 belah kaki aku neh, ngalahkan pakai tumit tinggi.. even smpai skang pun aku rasa a bit of numb of the both heels.. and it'd be a great excuse for me for not goin for terawih. mum askin me so - i was like 'kaki ni kena spure balik larrr'.. and she was like 'pi mkn ubat'. and now my mummy turned into some kinda specialist herself, eh?

aku rasa most of the pts., incldg the stndts r havin sort of 'White Coat Syndrome' kot today.. the kids were restless.. and the stdnts too - definitely la (since dorang tak bley abscond and play fools) - were like 'sir, sir kat sini sampai ptg ke?', 'sir, sir tak pi rehat ke?'.. nak je aku sipak sesekor..

think about dis - aku rasa mcm nyesal la plak. kalo stay back in the ofc pun cool - relak, aircond, bertenet and such - tp i must admit, bein in the clinical field kinda cool too.. i am refreshin lot of thgs - esp in my rusty brain neh.

back then - adehh.. cemaner nak pi esok neh. kaki sakit. tak kan nak pakai chapal je kot? or selipar Jepun je..

kalo ada org tlg urut, kan best..

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