Tuesday, September 16, 2008


does it looks familiar? nah - we r not workin for the ferry company.. we were jst planned for it well.. on 2003/4 i think.. wit Man, Roza, Azry.

me, Man and Azry - in Istana Kuala Kangsar..

found these above pics somewhere in my small library.. i packed it nicely inside the cabinet. i wonder y i din put it in the album - coz i remember i did once before.. now it was all packed up in a small paper bag.. together wit coupla old stuff in a small box.

it was yrs back. i had a great time then. great frens.. they r still - indeed. Roxa get married to Man, Azry/Faridah - i am not sure their whereabout.. but i bet they r doin well wit life..

kinda melancholic tonite. got lot of thgs stuffed in my own head - yet i cant figure it out.. let alone to sort it out, well.

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