Sunday, September 14, 2008


one thg in life - if u get the chance of tellin the one dat u love; dat u really do love him/her very much - u better do so. as much as u can. or as much as u want. becoz when ur, and u r not doin dat - when u lose the chance of doin it; u'll be in a deep regret then. i dunno - but dats wat i think. at least; dats wat i feel. i hav so many regrets now. i shld've done a lot of thang. i din read thgs well. the signs. i was so blinded, believe dat someone will always be mine; no matter i do or not tell him/her dat i really do him/her so very much.. i was so stupid for taking things for granted. nothg last forever. and nothg wld be yrs for the rest of yr life. but i gez when u hav somethg rite in grasp, rite in yr palm well - u really shld address the feelin. let the other half know how u feel towards him/her. make him/her happy listenin to it. and make him/her convince dat ur sayin so rite from the bottom of yr solely heart.

i know i gotta carry on wit life. but somehow - dis kinda regrets keep on comin back and hit u like nobdy cares, and leavin u in wonder and the tots of 'i shldve done better' etc etc.. i gez u ppl know how it feel. yeah - i shldve done better. i shldve done a lot more better than dat, really. but life is not like a Papermate Liquid Paper dat u can simply erase the whole thang, and start the other whole new thang. no matter how u try to forget thgs, no matter how good u supress the whole shyte; one day it'll pop up back to the surface - and all u can do is to endure the pain and swallow the whole shyte rite in.

erm - can i reformat the whole thang? and restart?

i am not sure wat i am sayin - but i gez dats wat botherin me - deep inside.


Anonymous said...

always remember.. maybe tomorrow is too LATE..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

and ur scaring the shait out of me..

Count Byron said...

Now that I am old, I really believe what you said. Tell him/her that you love him. You may end up hitting your head on the wall if u dont. And worst is when you regret it your whole life.
Now, go go go. Tell him

Selamat bersahur JM

budleee said...

i do feel like i want to restart everything, but.. there tell tale signs that it was failing but i refused to acknowledge it. anyways, its no longer relevant anymore for me.. i am moving on with my life..