Thursday, September 4, 2008

bird-day wishes for special ones..

today is Thursday - 4th of September 2008. its goin to be a bright, sunny day i think - for theres a lot stars shinin out last nite.. at least dats wat i've been told waktu kecik2 dulu.. and today - its goin to be a special day for these 2 special ppl in my life. they r my frens. my shoulder to hang on to. got ears for me. bear wit me well (bukan abg bear, ok!).

dis gal is Zean.. dats wat i called her. and dats wat she wanted to be called. isnt she's pretty. i love lookin at her cheeks. rasa nak chubit2.. we never meet up - not even once. but we knew each other like yrs now - ever since aku started bloggin in the stupid ekawan last time - she was one of the those yg rajin go htru my idiot-ramblin n willin to giv her a word or two every now and then.. i am not sure if she's quittin ekawan now (coz u can she's so into dis now - and i quitted ekawan alrdy!). shes's single (i dun think she's available now - anymore), she's vibrant and sh'es got bisnes on her own!! lucky guy to get her, aye?
Zean - i am trully sorry for forgettin yr sweet day. but by doin all dis - i hope i 'dah cover la' my mistakes tu. apa pun - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Zean. may all yr wishes, may all yr dreams may come true.. remember to live life - before life leaves u. and be free.. there's miles for u to go - and there's many thgs ur gonna get thru in dis whole life.. i know ur one strong gal - ur gonna rock the world, alrite! again - Happy Birthday, Zean..

and dis is Am aka Aizat (see him at i always remember his b'day for it is sama dgn Zean's. and i remember him for his laser molot, asyek2 laser aku tak sudah.. he's charmin, nice guy. everythg yg kuar dr mulut dia will definately makes me laugh - tho i aint sure sama ada it'll be same or not, now. aku used to hang around wit dis guy each time aku in KL - but now, i dun think it'd be proper la kot.. otherwise someone wil hav dis big greenie eyes on me!! takut larr.. i refused to be another PLO - not anymore. at dis age of mine - i dun think it'd be do any good.

Am - SELAMAT HARI JADI.. may every single thgs dat ur lookin for in life, everythg ur wishin for - will come true. i know dis b'day wld be a better one for u - much better indeed.. jst dat i really hope - it wldnt change a thang. after all - as u always said - we r fren, rite?

ouch - dun let yr 'sayang' bite me then.


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