Tuesday, September 2, 2008

..and dis is wat i do (the break, pt 3)

as i said once before - i love the sea. the tranquility it brings, the mysterious about it and the whole thang about it.. nampak tenang yet nobdy knows the depth. nampak garang but at the same time - it brings the whole lot promises to everybdy around it. i found myself by the sea each time aku serabut deep inside.. i love the sceneries, the sounds, the smell, the every single thang about it - really. and aku remember how aku used to berendam in it - from early morn up to around mid-day, w/o any feelin of boring or any thg at all.. and it soothed me like hell.

on the 3rd day there - aku decided to bring along my Canon - to do the usual thang. i think i did some kinda good thang - tho it mght look not really dat good for some of u ppl out there..


2L2M.... said...

best nyer....tak bermandi laut ke? :)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

the laut turned out to be kinda dirty - so i dare not.. kalo tak kalo.. harewss!