Tuesday, September 2, 2008

..and dis is wat i do (the break, pt 1)

i gez pics can tell u a lot more better than thousand words - coz dats wat i found out lately. i know in dly life we r like more in non-verbal language better than verbally do - but i find it amazing how thgs potray emslf w/o using such words.. we r tryin hard - so hard - to put thgs into words to get thgs over - but naturaly, we need not to, really.

i am not sure wat i am sayin - but these r some of those hasil aku fooled around wit my new Canon.. there's a lot more, i can gurantee.. i am sorry - dis might not up to yr expectation - but watdya xpct? i am a newbie!!

**p/s; i know i sldve alter dis and dat using some software, yet i am not.. hope its alrite. 'raw' and 'naked' - can be amusing, sometimes. aight?


looka80 said...

jm - great pix. suka ar..

Shah said...

Yeah bro - you really have a natural eye for good shots... Love your pics...