Monday, August 11, 2008


yeah - finally - i got wat i want. a camera. its Canon - PowerShot SX100 IS (black ), to be precise. Fotokem is havin sort of fair - so, aku tinggal ofis sekejap.. drove up to Jusco and yeah - i got it for quite 'ok-lah' kinda price.. tho the differences was not much, really. but then again - i dun giv it a heck - i got wat i want. and i gez - dats all dat matters.
sittin ere in the ofc room - wit the camera in my hand - dammit, i dun really know wat to do. goin thru the manual is so not me. and the manuals - mak ai, dua tiga.. mencik!! but i gez i hav to. or otherwise - i mght ended up bein a tikus dagn labu.. kalo tikus puteh cute iteww, tak pe jugak.
and yeah - aku singgah jap few boutiques, Padini Concepts and such. and again - aku secara 'tak sengaja' dan 'laur sedar' borong 3 - 4 baju, talipinggang and such. heh - am i sick? i know i shldnt do dis - but i did. and again - was it wrong? bukan aku tak pakai pun.. *sigh* another self-defence mechanism..
then again - it all worth it, really. great camera.. nice shirts, belt and a small bag of Padini.. wah! sale meh!! sale..
erm - jst wait the end of the month. i'll definately 'drive upstairs one'.


looka80 said...

jm - wow best tuh!!

M@x said...

Hey..That's a nice camera....Post more pictures please.....

jerry maguire, jr. said...

indeed - but m@x; at time being - i jst dunno wat to do wit the camera.. really.