Saturday, August 23, 2008

wats the glory? its Saturday morn..

i was strugglin upside down in bed - just to get my eyes close and my mind shut for a while. it was kinda weird for i hardly had such problem - really. i didnt take any heavy meals, i got no caffeine at all prior jumpin into the crib. i hate dis for i need my whole shait kinda concentration for my Food, Health and Environment paper trow (or dis morn) - at 9 to be precise.. i admit theres coupla thgs marchin up and down in every corner of the brain - and God sake - i jst cant help it. my usual method of 'shuttin down' my brain mlm ni tak menjadi plak.. heh.

so - dis is wat i am doin.. facin the books, notes again. and suprisingly - all these books, notes and such failed to make feel bloody sleepy!! dis is utterly weird. but then - i am enjoyin it. stayin up very early in the morn - where u cldnt hear anythg at all except cengkerik sajork - makes it easy to absorb all thgs yg patot aku ingat dek my corrupted mind neh.. and at the same time - aku had dis laptop online belakang aku kat meja komputer.. sempat lagik snapped pic and upload. thinkin about all dis - aku rasa ngah always rite - aku pretty good in multi-tasking, yeah. huhu..

i am thinkin to hit the crib jap for a lite nap before off mandi manda and head the exam center..

the last 2 papers - yesterday; Polisi Sosial & Undang plus Teknologi Maklumat, Globalisasi dan Kualiti Hidup - aku was like a bit OK la.. watdya expect? its a last minit prep., meh!! but then - aku managed la.. and no regret. dats the important part of it.

btw ppl - dah Subuh neh!! get up u sleepy head. solat first and go get yr second-round nyer tdo..

mornink ppl.. and hope it'll be a great Sat., eh!

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