Monday, August 18, 2008

Tony Buzan thang 2nd pt.

my first mind mapping using Tony Buzan's method.. its about brain. i got a shiver when i enter the auditorium seein all dis colour pencils, colourin pen and such - trauma sgt kalo bab2 melukis segala bagai neh - it was sooooo not me..
dun laugh. dun even say a bloody word. i know tak der ruper brain pun lukisan iteww.. and my hand-writin? yeah - dats mine.
so wat?

lunch wit Mr KC Liu - the licensed traineer of Buzan's Method. i started to fall in love wit the crowd, really. professionals, everybdy started to 'open up the wrap' after the ice-breakin session.. Abg Aziz (we both r the only Malays!!) - he's a mid-age lawyer, yet so gila2 one.. yeah - gila2 one. not gila, occay.

my second brain mapping - its about right and left brain potentials.. i had dis believe both of the side had certain 'speciality', which turn out to be absurd. no such thg (katanyer).

after 5pm - aku catched a cab - str8 to Mid Valley. tiada maksud utk bercitcut (according to Firdaus si stdnt aku iteww).. tp sajer jenjalan - while waiting for Casey to pick me up.. and again - dammit!! sales meh.. aku ended up buyin 2 baju keje Seeds, AGAIN. dammit. but it was nice - so y bother.. erk.
aku had dis mkn2 since aku kebulur sgt.. had a burger and some bubur itam for coci molot.. aku eat like a horse..

p/s; hows the pic? huhu.. Canon meh!

the bill - pretty ok. but the burger - euw.. its a honey bbq. so mcm manis semcm je la plak.. i think a bit worst dr masak kat Kelantan.
but i was hungry back then!! i managed. haha


budleee said...

alaaaaaaa tgh megasale kaaan

beli jer :D

aren't we in the one of the recession proof jobs :D

looka80 said...

jm - that canon works awesome!

artisticklytouch said...

recession prof jobs?? menchi!!

sale? menchi!!

sini ada mydin sale n giant sale je!! menchi!!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

mydin? wats dat? giant? hahaha.. tq looka80 - jst dat i need to learn more..