Monday, August 18, 2008

Tony Buzan thang - 1st pt.

Event; The Buzan Techniques - Mind Mapping and Creativity
Venue; UTAR, PJ
Date; 18 - 19/8.

the sign alrite.. showin me to the empty auditorium.. i din blame em. i was a damn early birdie!!

dis is the registration counter - by the time aku sampai.. the door was open wide, yet nobdy there, except makcik tukang cuci yg tak abes2 senyum kat aku.. till aku rasa mcm nak freakin out sajork.

wah!! sempat lagik katernyerr.. tak chanteQ, aku tau. sajer2 je tryin the new camera.. huhu.. nak jadik catwalk model, rendang sesgt.. mcm ni lar kesewdehannyer..
btw - see my head well. a bird? nah. a Superman? idiot!! its no hair, meh!!

thank God Casey asked me to bring dis one - i managed to 'bunuh the masa' so damn well.. flip flip thru dis nice mag, while cursin myself - why on earth i am ere!!

Mr KC Liu - the traineer.. very the very very the the energetic fella, wit lots of jokes and such.. everybody got eyes fixed on him.. and ears on him, too..

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