Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday rocks!

had a nice Sunday, indeed. woke up at 6am - never feel fresh like dis 4. nak kata tdo awal sgt smlm pun - i dun think i am. but again - i remember readin somewhere - there's a vast differences between 'cukup tido' and 'tido yg nyenyak'.. u know wat i mean, i think. around 7.15am - aku off to Pdg Polo - ppl alrdy cramped there.. ada yg joggin, brisk walkin, dating, dress to kill (yet do nothg) and a lot more.. takin about goin to such park - and dressin to kill.. isk, tak faham la aku.. especially the leadies. dengan make up yg 'nauzubillah', baju yg like very the colourfool.. eh - ni nak pi shoppin complex ke, nak bersenam? again - aku very the tak faham.. lookin at me (tho i aint a gal), aku jst wore a plain lite grey round-neck shirt, deep grey track-bottom and a black Nike cap. cant imagine i am wearin all those non-necessary gears - to a public park like dis.. euw!

after jog+erobik for about 2hrs, aku blah balik rumah - and had my nasik lemak as a break fast (bley?).. ended up wit a guilty feelin.. senam mcm nak mampus, then senang2 mkn nasik lemak la plak.. but then - bukan selalu pun. tak salah rite? its not like the end of the pun pun.. *sigh* wat a self-defense mechanism is dat.

Soleh called me up - dammit - semata2 nak tunjuk kat aku yg dia dah beli hp baru. heh.. ngah too called me up - i mght be goin there Selasa ptg ni - for a dinner. for a dinner? of 2hrs drive? ermm.. mcm tak berbaloi jer..

gotta iron my shirts and such - sort out thgs for trow. Monday - hell yeah! i hate Monday. and who likes Monday, anyway? (i know some ppl do - but it is for real? pls laa..).


looka80 said...

jm - my plan was to jog too this weekend round the taman. but the plan went down the drain. huhu. my tido was so nyenyak giler! mmg cukup tido x ingat.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hahaha.. if ur my stdnt - i'll giv em a slam - excuse!! but the truth is - tido, beb!! who cares? tido rules!! really.