Saturday, August 9, 2008

simple Saturday. woke up around 9.30am (i did Subuh, alrite!) and off to the gym. nobdy there - so i managed to do wat i shld do.. got back around noon after lunch and all dat - went to Sri Malaysia; jumpak ma and pa sekejap (kak yang's mother & father in laws) since dorg bawak one big box from kak yang and husband in UK for mak.. so - aku le jadik mangsa kena pick up the thg and shall bring it back to mak abah..

home around 2pm, online sekejap and off i had a great nap.. bangun Asar, aku went for a gym and jog after dat.. now finally i am home - feel like goin out. but i jst dun know where and wat for.. i shall go down and catch watever it is on the idiotbox, i think. too much of cyberworld wld do harm, i believe.

cant wait for trow. another lazy day, indeed.


looka80 said...

jm - im havin' a very, very unproductive sat'day ar dude! i just hate it. hehe.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

wats wrong?
sleepin all day out? hehe